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Fall 2013 New Scentsy Products

Cemental Scentsy Warmer

Cemental Scentsy Warmer
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The Cemental full-size Scentsy warmer is a very interesting piece to add to your collection. Employing a very raw and unfinished look, this Scentsy warmer can add character and a unique kind of visual appeal to your home. This piece is shaped like an urn and is embossed with vines that feature white chalky highlights against a solid cement-like gray background.

Add this piece to your living room or patio and it will look like you have just unearthed your own archaeological piece from an ancient ruin. Beautiful in its own unique way, this warmer will certainly serve as an interesting accent to a table spread or as a centerpiece to a coffee table.

Product # DSW-CMTL
Cemental Scentsy Warmer

As of Oct. 21, 2014 the Cemental Scentsy Warmer is currently available to purchase online. Buy the Cemental Scentsy Warmer Online.

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