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Devoted Scentsy Warmer

Devoted Scentsy Warmer
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Meditation and prayer go hand-in-hand and for most people, it’s easier to get in a meditative mood when the ambience is just right. This Devoted Premium warmer from Scentsy’s Symbols collection can help enhance your faith, as it features an intricate silver cross. Its off-white background gives the warmer an antique look that perfectly enhances the intricacy of the cross in the middle. Light up this warmer whenever you feel like you need some guidance and enlightenment or light it up on Sundays before or after church. Whatever you’re going through in life, it’ll certainly be easier to get in touch with your faith and reflect on your life with this beautiful warmer by your side. Place it in a corner of your bedroom so that you’ll feel enlightened each time you look at it. You can even place it on your altar and light it up each time you want to say a prayer.

Product # DSW-DVTD
Devoted Scentsy Warmer

As of Oct. 20, 2014 the Devoted Scentsy Warmer is currently available to purchase online. Buy the Devoted Scentsy Warmer Online.

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