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Marshall Scentsy Warmer Premium

Marshall Scentsy Warmer Premium
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This full-size Scentsy warmer can easily remind one of the Wild West. Its copper-colored base accented with a leather strap and a metal star in the middle is reminiscent of the badges given to US Marshalls. This warmer can easily capture the attention of people while it sits atop your bedroom side table or your living room console table. Whether you are a fan of Western-themed décor or you just fancy the design of this warmer, it should be easy to use alongside other decorative pieces for your home. Spread your favorite scents in your bedroom or in any room you desire with this full-size Marshall Scentsy warmer.

Product # DSW-MARS
Marshall Scentsy Warmer Premium

As of Oct. 25, 2014 the Marshall Scentsy Warmer Premium is currently available to purchase online. Buy the Marshall Scentsy Warmer Premium Online.

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