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Silvervine Scentsy Warmer Premium

Silvervine Scentsy Warmer Premium
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Clad in a rustic silver body and embossed with intricate patterns, this Silvervine full-size Scentsy warmer features fine metalwork that is reminiscent of the middle ages. This warmer will look great in any room and can be used alongside other decorative pieces. Silvervine is lined with several small holes to spread the various scents that Scentsy bars have to offer, making it an ideal alternative to scented candles. You can easily replace the Scentsy bar inside for different scents of your choice depending on your mood and preference. Functional and well made, this Silvervine Scentsy warmer is sure to delight your senses while adding a nice medieval touch to any room in your home.

Product # DSW-SILV
Silvervine Scentsy Warmer Premium

As of Oct. 23, 2014 the Silvervine Scentsy Warmer Premium is currently available to purchase online. Buy the Silvervine Scentsy Warmer Premium Online.

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