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Reviews of Scentsy from actual Scentsy customers on the quality and value of Scentsy products. These are absolute 100% honest reviews, no strings attached. Browse the entire collection of New Scentsy Products and the New Scentsy Catalog.

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Reviews of Scentsy from actual Scentsy Consultants on how Scentsy has changed their lives. These are absolute 100% honest reviews, no strings attached. Scentsy is growing at unbelievable rates, learn how you can Join Scentsy and start selling Scentsy Products. It will change your life.

Stacey Kremer Up until my layoff a month ago, I wasn't able to invest as much time into my Scentsy business as I wanted to. Now, I'm starting to realize, that I just might be able to do this as a full time gig and have to work those crazy hours that I have for years. I've never heard of a DSA company offering health insurance to its Consultants. A saying comes to mind... "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars." Well, I'm aiming for a whole other galaxy!!! =)

Angi Boyle MorenoScentsy has truly opened up a part of me that I didn't know exisited. When going to college to get my masters degree in Psychology, I never thought, "some day I'm gonna chuck all this education and sell products" in fact, I HATE TO SELL ANYTHING, even my kids fundraisers, but the truth is (and it took me a while to find out) I'm not really selling! I'm sharing something I LOVE and I KNOW others will love it too!! Sharing is so much better than "selling" sometimes with "sales" you may sell a product you don't believe in, but "sharing" means you always believe in what you are saying!! My next goals are to move up, recruit recruit and earn the trip to Disney World, I'm working as hard as I can, then working on me form the "inside out" then pay off student loans and the possiblilites are really endless! I love Scentsy! (um, maybe you'll need to put a word limit here for people like me!)

Kay Womack Scentsy has blessed my life with meeting amazing new people, and REconnecting with others. Thank you Scentsy!

Kimberly S. BishopI was so excited when I started Scentsy. I had plans and ideas on how I could make this work and do really good at it. Then about 2 months after I started my became very ill and it has taken until now for the drs. to find out what is making her so sick. Thank the Lord there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With my mom so ill it really set me back with Scentsy. I almost decided to give up but decided to keep going. I have always been an outgoing person just not when it comes to selling things. With Scentsy it seems like it has been so easy. So easy to give someone a catalog and business card and explain the products. My family is getting into it and that's funny because when i first started selling it they were kind of blah about it. When I gave them some scents to test they went CRAZY over it. I have already started talking about new items coming out and I am getting requests for them. I guess with Scentsy I am becoming more outgoing, more goal oriented and more willing to take chances. I sometimes need support, but then doesn't everyone.

Sue McGee Hug I have been a Scentsy Consultant for a year now. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have made tons of new friends & reunited with friends that I hadn't seen in years. The products are so wonderful that they sell themselves. I now have goals that I look forward to making in the near future. I am so happy that I chose Scentsy!

Lora Sidwell I just had two of my close friends join my team because of the positive feedback I have shown from being a Scentsy Consultant. They were excited to join because they saw the domino effect from the wonderful Scentsy products. My one friend had 4 parties booked from her show and the other had her 2 sister in laws book great parties. I love Scentsy and I am proud to share it with her friends and family.

Rachel Larson- MayerI have been a Scentsy Consultant since feb 2009 and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. First the friendships that I have made through the party's, team, and going to convention! Thank you all ladies.And for myself personally, financially. I have always been an outgoing person and very person to meet new people, but since having kids I have kinda lost myself. Didn't work out of the home, was home with kids which I loved and still love but I love it even more with having SCENTSY to get me out and spread my wings. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCENTSY!!!!!

Cheryl Benasutti Since joining Scentsy I have been able to sign on a few people, one being my mom. The greatest thing about Scentsy for me has been seeing my mom come to life again. I have watched in amazement as she has regained an interest in really living life again. She just beams day in and day out running around sharing Scentsy with anyone she sees. This has really brought a sense of purpose and great joy back into her life. Thank you Scentsy!

Heather Freeman-BenavidesI have been with Scentsy for about six months and it has had a huge impact on my family as a whole. I am married and have three children. My husband gave me my starter kit after I had said for the 100th time that I wanted to get into selling Scentsy. Before I knew it my two boys and my husband were selling more than I was in a month. I'm sharing this because my boys have a big age differance between them and them selling Scentsy together has allowed my oldest son to see that little brother was not so bad and pretty cool to hang with the bond was so great for me to watch. I don't think had my husband not got me into Scentsy my boys may not have bonded till later in age. Thank you Scentsy it has been a blast! Now that Scentsy is a family business we felt it only right to spend all the money that we make on vacations for the whole family and not to mention give them more of a reason to SELL SELL SELL! Thanks again Scentsy and lets not forget Sharon and all she does for us!

April Bowling-KingJoining Scentsy has given me the confidence that I lacked for a long time. I joined April 1st, and since then I made Scentsational Start Level 1 and earned my pin and certificate! I framed it and put it on my wall! I'm very proud of it :) I love making my customers happy by bringing in new scents and watching their reactions! Everyone is so excited about Scentsy and can't wait to see the next new item each month! I love it and can't wait to go to convention next year! That gives me motivation to keep pushing forward and acheiving my goals!

Shannon LaPuma Joining Scentsy has helped me save some extra money that goes towards paying for a adoption, it has also helped me step out of my normal comfort zone.

Julie Walker Webb Joining Scentsy is a constant learning experience, I'm learning how to get out of my comfort zone when talking to others. Everytime I spread the word about Scentsy or just mention what I do I feel that i've accomplished a goal of mine (even if it's a small one :)

Bradley MikesellOk let me start over, I dug deeper, and its time to let you know the real me, I was in iraq for 9 months, on land and on ship. I saw alot of stuff out there, thats beside the point, and no i don't want brownie points, Scentsy heard the calls and care about the armed forces, I would have still join before that which i did. I love candles, i know somepeople say Your a guy, you shouldn't like candles, well not in here. You people are cool, btw. about 3 years ago, i came home living my life going to school, and about a year and a half ago to 2 years ago, i am starting to get sytphoms of PTSD=Post Traumic stress disorder from the war. And got dignosed too. After that i was afraid to talk to people so i was depress, I hated feeling like this. So I wwent to the VA Medical Center to talk to my social worker, and he got me talking to people, Thats why I join this lovely family of Consultants, because you guys rocks. Bunch of nice workers that would support me anyway you can. Thanks for that. This business opportunity gave me back my confidence so I can talk to people again, People can't believe how i change, i.e frineds and family. This opportunity makes me interact with people again, make me feel good, I always been a people person. I am now a Certified Consultant and feel good about it. I am excited now. So thanks for your eyes, Stay cool.

And like i always say we need More guys in this group LOL. Good night Ladies and Gentleman(thats Moi) LOL.

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