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Ashbury Warmer

The Scentsy Ashbury Warmer is inspired by San Francisco’s 60s style, with flyer-power motifs and a touch of whimsy!

When the bright spring days come around, there’s no better place to be than in the lighthearted Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Since the psychedelic 60s, this groovy locale has been known for its bohemian atmosphere and the fun-loving, flamboyant style, attracting people from all backgrounds who are looking for a place where they’ve welcome to come together and chill in harmony.

The Ashbury Warmer was inspired by the hip and whimsical spirit of this beloved Californian community, featuring flower-power motifs and an eclectic aesthetic that celebrates its kaleidoscopic melting top of those bonded by the goal of finding peace and friendship in a playful urban village.

Lace Warmer

This beautiful Scentsy Lace Warmer captures the elegant details of intricate lace! It is hand-wrapped in genuine lace and dipped in liquid clay before it is fired in the kiln. In the kiln, the lace is burned away, leaving its exquisite detail in the porcelain.

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