Business Life Struggles

Ok blog friends, WARNING, this is a little on the personal side of a blog and not just Scentsy. 🙂

Have you ever worked really hard on something – I mean REALLY hard and you planned, constructed, planned some more and put in weeks of intense work to have it not work out the way you planned it? Well, it feels AWEFUL – you may feel discouraged and sad.

This is exactly what happened tonight to my dear baby brother (no, he isn’t a baby anymore but he is the youngest of 7 children and that makes him the “baby”). He worked so hard on a project to make our family business better. He planned, he engineered, and yet, the project isn’t working the way it should. I know he is discouraged and dissapointed but you know what? I believe in him and know that he will figure out what needs to be done and even though he doesn’t have the time right now to fix it, he will adjust and have it going bigger and better for next year’s season.

How many times did Edison fail before the light bulb worked? And how did he replied to that? He replied he had not failed but had found many ways the light bulb didn’t work! What a great perspective! Attitude is key! Don’t EVER give up on a dream or a goal just because it didn’ work the first time. Make adjustments, keep going forward and you will have success!! I’m sure my brother is hoping it doesn’t take as many steps for this project to work as it did the light bulb!! 😉

Oh the joys of farming!

This too will be an amazing machine soon – the beast coming summer of 2016! Never giving up!