Why Scentsy?

There are so many amazing reasons to join Scentsy, from world-class events to lifelong friendships, but here are a couple of the top ones:

Make Some Extra Dough

Selling Scentsy is simply a fun way to earn some additional income with a variety of products everyone loves.*

Work Wherever, Whenever

Scentsy gives you the freedom to master that work-life balance — and have time for what matters most.

Go Exploring

One of the great perks of working for Scentsy is the possibility of earning an all-expense-paid trip to a remarkable destination. Start packing!

Netherland residents can now enroll as Scentsy Consultants!

Exciting news! Scentsy has expanded its consultant base and now residents of Netherlands can sign up to be on my Get A Scent team! Make money from home, on your own time, with YOU as your own boss. Contact me for more information!

Scentsy Starter Kit

Everything you need to start your business:

Standard Starter Kit - $99

Plus local tax and shipping. Contents may vary.

How Much Can I Make?

Make 20% in Scentsy commission, plus bonuses and perks.*

Hover over each sales total below to see potential income examples:

$200 in sales


$400 in sales


$600 in sales


$800 in sales


*Disclaimer: Earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in lifetime Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and then 25 percent on all sales afterward.

Why Join the Get A Scent Team?

Get individualized training and sales coaching from an expert

Being a consultant means being part of a community – one with healthy doses of friendship, generosity and so much fun. Are you looking for extra income, or do you hate clocking in? Want to earn a trip to an exotic destination? Whatever you’re after, let Scentsy bring freedom to your life.

Scentsy has allowed me to build my business and live life on my terms. I’d love to talk to you about how being a Consultant has improved my life! It’s time to work for what you want and love what you do!”

Sharon Arns


Our Team Is Coast-to-Coast

Looking for a consultant in your area? Click the map below to be directed to a Get A Scent team member. Or, contact me using the “Chat Now” button at the bottom of your screen, and I can help get you in touch!

Consultant Map - US Placeholder
Consultant Map - US

The #ScentsyLife

Hear why consultants love their Scentsy business. We’ll be there with you, every step of the way!

It's Just So Much More

Friendship. Inspiration. A deep sense of purpose.


As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you are an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products for a commission. You have the freedom to control when and where you work your business, and can increase your commission by selling more product or earning residual income from friends and family you’ve recruited to join your team.

Just click here and follow the enrollment steps! Please note that you will need a debit or credit card to pay for your Starter Kit.

You only need to pay the current price of the Starter Kit (plus local tax and shipping) to join Scentsy, and you’ll get a Starter Kit full of valuable business tools and product samples.

The Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your Scentsy business: a best-selling Warmer, more than 80 scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, three months of your own PWS, product samples and more. (Contents may vary.)

You must be the legal age or age of majority in your state of residence at the time of enrollment. You must be a legal resident of the country where you want to enroll and have a valid Personal Identification Number (like a Social Security number or Employee Identification Number). You must also accept the Independent Consultant Agreement (ICA) and purchase the Starter Kit.

Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on PRV after that, plus up to a 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV in any given month. In addition to the commission you earn on your sales, you can earn multiple bonuses based on your team performance.

Personal Retail Volume is the point value of commissionable products you sell. PRV is a global point system convertible to local currency using a price/earnings to growth ratio (PEG rate).

Scentsy Consultants must generate sales resulting in 200 points or more in PRV in at least one month within any contiguous four-month period. The 200 points in PRV can come from individual customer orders, party orders or online orders made through your Personal Website (PWS).

All payments from Consultants to Scentsy must be made via credit card or debit card; however, you may accept payment from customers in whatever form you choose. Scentsy does not accept cash, money orders or checks. If a customer pays with a check, it must be made out to the Consultant.

No. However, Consultants who sponsor new team members are more successful: They earn more PRV and are about 60 percent more likely to stay with Scentsy long term!

We always recommend starting with your Sponsor (that would be Sharon!) or your team. They’re a valuable resource. The home office provides numerous training opportunities and online tools. Consultant Support is also available Monday through Friday to help you with anything you might need. All of us at Scentsy will be with you every step of the way.

Scentsy is built off the party plan. You can hold in-home parties, basket parties, open houses or online parties, and you may also take orders through your Personal Website.

All current Consultants worldwide are eligible to earn incentive trips by meeting specific activity requirements. Ready for your next adventure? You can learn more about the requirements to earn the current incentive trip here.

Have more questions? Contact Sharon!