Join Scentsy for only $15 in May!

Scentsy is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this May, and YOU get to benefit from it. For only $15, you can start your own Scentsy business this month! This limited-time Anniversary Starter Kit includes a mini-warmer AND a wax bar as well as scent samplers and catalogs.

Are you tired of working for someone else? Are you sick of waking up early every morning to get to work by eight, and barely home in time to make dinner and get yourself to bed, just to do it all again the next day? I found Scentsy 10 years ago and have never looked back. I love the freedom that I have running my own business. On my own time. Making my own money. I didn’t realize when I started 10 years ago that I would now have a team of more than 50 consultants, all creating their own successful Scentsy venture.

I don’t think Scentsy has ever offered a starter kit at this price, and probably never will again! Now is the time to join my team. You will have individualized, personal coaching and guidance from me—and my passion and knowledge of Scentsy is second to none. Oh, and did I mention that because of my Scentsy business, I have earned 17 FREE trips? I’ve been to Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, San Francisco, Boston, DisneyWorld, Punta Cana and many more, all because of Scentsy.

Have questions? View the FAQs, email me, or better yet—just give me a call at 719-691-5789. I’d love to talk to you!



Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at | Sharon Arns

Join my team in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser!

Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at | Sharon ArnsThis great deal makes it a great time to join my team! For November only, Scentsy is offering the Enhanced Starter Kit!

For $149,* new Consultants who join in November will receive an Awaken Diffuser and one Marine Cypress Lavender 100% Natural Oil in addition to the amazing items already included in the Starter Kit! †

This kit comes with everything you need to launch a successful Scentsy business:Continue reading

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Is Becoming a Scentsy Consultant Right for You?

Are you ready to start your own Scentsy Business? Are you ready to become a Scentsy Consultant?

Scentsy launched in 2004 and has become a top DSA company! What started out as Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars has grown into so much more with Oil Diffusers, Scentsy Buddies, Skin line for men and women, and SO MUCH MORE!

So I ask you, are you ready to sell Scentsy? Here is an overview of the Scentsy Opportunity:

Starter Kit – price of the Scentsy Starter kit are currently as follows (plus shipping and taxes – starter kit prices subject to change)

$99 US

$119 Canada

€85 Germany

€85 UK


€85 Austria

€85 France

€85 Spain

$1,959 Mexico

$139 Australia

$169 New Zealand

Compensation – as a Scentsy consultant you earn 20-36.75% on personal sales. You are also rewarded for team performance of 2-9%.

Inventory Requirements – there are NONE! Scentsy strongly recommends NOT having inventory. Of course, if you are planning to have a booth at an event or show, you may want inventory but it is NEVER required!

Personal Website – With your Scentsy Starter Kit you receive the first three (3) months for FREE! After the first 90 days, there is a cost of $10 per month. It is a great way for customers to shop online and Scentsy maintains this site and sends out a newsletter for you once a month.

Quotas to Stay Active – Scentsy Consultants do need to have a minimum of 150 PRV (personal retail volume) in one month of three. For example, if 150 PRV was reached in April and did not reach 150 PRV in May or June, the Scentsy Consultant would need to have at least 150 PRV by July 31 to stay active. 

Hostess Rewards – Scentsy has an amazing Hostess Reward program.

About Scentsy

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Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance. Our Scentsy products are designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

Scentsy began its journey in 2004 in a 40-foot ocean container on a small Idaho sheep farm. It is now headquartered in Meridian, Idaho and has over 1000 employees and 100,000 (and growing) active independent consultants (distributors).

Scentsy started out as a Scentsy Warmers (electric wax warmers) and Scentsy Bars company but has grown to be much more. It now has Scentsy Diffusers that instantly fill your personal area with world-class fragrant all natural and essential oils.

In addition to Scentsy Warmers, Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Diffusers, and Natural & Essential Oils, the product line continues to grow – on-the-go fragrances, laundry care, cleaning solutions for your home, personal care products for men, women, and kids! And yes, all these products are infused with Scentsy Fragrance.

Scentsy Products are sold through Independent Consultants and are available in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, France and Spain.