Scentsy Rock-A-Thon

imageGood morning blog friends!

This morning I am sitting in a rocking chair at the Scentsy Commons in Meridian, ID. Why you ask? Well, its the Scentsy Rock-A-Thon for March of Dimes. All day from 6 am to 5 pm rocking chairs are lining Eagle Road. For 30 minutes I will be rocking. 🙂 The only thing missing? A little one to rock. 🙂 As an aunt to 41 (yes, I said 41) and great aunt to 7, I LOVE holding and rocking little ones. I have always told my husband if ever we lived close enough to a NICU, I would volunteer to hold and rock the babies.

Children are a blessing. I was blessed with three wonderful, active, beautiful children. They somehow, however, have grown into wonderful, beautiful, independent adults! How did that ever happen? How can my kids be almost 24, 22 and 20? My youngest PROMISED when she was 2 that she would always be little and never leave me. Well, I guess I should have gotten that in writing.

As I sit here and rock and think about life and kids, I also think about what Scentsy has for kids. Scentsy warmers and Scentsy fragrances, Scentsy buddies and Scrubby buddies to name a few. One of my favorite Scentsy bars that is available is Newborn Nursery – oh the smell of a clean lotioned baby. The reality of life is that not all babies are born healthy and ready to go home and moms need help before, during and after. March of Dimes has filled a gap to help. What a wonderful orgainization.

Well, my time in rocking chair #32 is about done. The sun is up and warm in my face and I’m being “tagged out”. Here’s to another wonderful beautiful day.

imageMy friend Shyrel holding a sign & rocking next to me.


What is Scentsy?

After Joining Scentsy 7 years ago, I was asked, “What is Scentsy?” quite oten and I would share all about Scentsy. After a while, I didn’t have to share everything about Scentsy but, last night I was asked again, “What is Scentsy?” This question made me realize that not everyone knows exactly what is Scentsy is and even if they do know, they may not know ALL that Scentsy is.

You see, Scentsy is so much more than just warmers and bars. It is more than just diffusers and oils. And even more than just women, men, kid and laundry products.

In 2004 Scentsy became a DSA company. This dream of two moms wanting to do more for their families was becoming a reality. These two moms sold their home-built business to the Thompson’s. The Thompson’s have taken this dream and made it into so much more than anyone could have imagined.

Scentsy started with Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars. Scentsy is simply a safer alternative to candles. The beautiful warmers were designed to warm and melt the wax cubes. The unique Scentwsy Bars are NOT burned – they are warmed at a low temperature so the wax doesn’t burn, it melts and releases the scent – no flame, no soot, no smoke. The Scentsy Bar provides long-lasing fragrance.

But wait, there’s more!

Take your Scentsy Fragrace with you wherever you go! With Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Room Sprays, Scent Paks and Car Bars, you can have your favorite Scentsy Fragrance with you. Place a Scent Pak in your closet, drawer or even (yes, I do this) in your trash cans! The newest “on the go” Scentsy product is the Car Bar. With up to 30 days of scent, the Car Bar is great for your car. I have Coconut Cotton in my car now and love how great it smells everytime I get in. The Car Bar comes with an elastic band with the scent clearly marked so you will have no problems re-ordering yours.

Scentsy for the Laundry! Liquid Laundry soap, Washer Whiffs, Clothing Conditioner and Dryer Disks. Look no farther for your Laundry needs! The Liquid Laundry has an easy to use pump; the Washer Whiffs boost the Scentsy fragrance; the Clothing Conditioner is safe to use even on your dry-wicking clothing; and the Dryer Disk is a great way to lock in the fragrance in the dryer. I have to say my favorite of all these Scentsy Laundry Products is the Washer Whiffs. What is better than crawling into bed at night then your sheets and bedding smell as though you had just pulled them from the dryer? My family love the Scentsy Clean and Luna Laundry products. Every load is sure to have a scoop full of Washer Whiffs everytime – if it’s missed, dad knows!

The Scentsy Product line for men and women is designed for a personalized experience. These Scentsy products are unique and have their own line of Scentsy Fragrance. The men’s line (also known as Groom) has Shampoo, Shaving and Shower Bar, Cream Shave Soap, and Refreshing Face Balm. Everything to help men with that daily routine. These products work together to cleanse, soothe and soften a man’s skin. The women’s line (also known as Skin) includes Fine Fragrance Roller, Velvet Hand Cream and Whipped Body Souffle. These Scentsy Products work with your body chemistry to give you your own signature fragrance.

Scentsy for Kids is fun and exciting. From Scentsy Buddies to Scrubby Buddies, and Scentsy Clips to Scentsy Warmers and Fragrances created with kids in mind, these Scentsy products are sure to bring fun and laughter into your home.

We’ve come a long way and Scentsy hasn’t stopped yet! I’m excited to see where Scentsy will be in 10, 15, even 25 years from now! A business that started in a shipping container has grown into a World Leading Fragrance Company.


As you can see, there is so much more than just Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars available to you through Scentsy. Have Scentsy in your home already or are you new to Scentsy? I will be happy to help you with all your Scentsy Product needs!

Scentsy Reimagined

You will see a reimagined Scentsy coming September 1, 2015.

What does this mean? It means you will see a crisper, clean-cut branding – including Scentsy logos and Scentsy product packaging along with inventive NEW Scentsy products!

Have you ever purchased a Scentsy Scent Circle and LOVED IT? But you had thrown away the original packaging and therefore had no clue what scent it was? And how do you ask your Scentsy consultant? All you can really say is it is a purple circle! And they were all purple! 🙂 Now you will be able to see the Scentsy fragrance name directly on your Scent Circle! No more guessing! The Scentsy Scent Circle is available in over 80 different Scentsy fragrances!

Are you looking for something more sleek for your car? You will love the NEW Scentsy Car Bar! The Car Bar is designed to deliver scent for up to 30 days and comes with an elastic ribbon for easy hanging. And guess what? You won’t have to guess the Scentsy fragrance for these either – the name will be on the ribbon! The Car Bar will be available in 15 fragrances – black raspberry vanilla, blueberry cheesecake, blueberry rush, bonfire beach, clean breeze, coconut cotton, coconut lemongrass, french lavender, luna, shaka, sugared cherry, sunkissed citrus, vanilla bean buttercream, weathered leather and welcome home.

Your other Scentsy products that you have come to know and love will also have a new look! Our categories of Scentsy product packaging will be clearly marked with icons that will help with ease to distinguish between product categories.



  • Skin line (womens skin fragrance) – including Fine Fragrance Roller, Velvet Hand Cream and Whipped Body Souffle will be marked with a hummingbird icon.
  • Laundry line – including our Clothing Conditioner, Laundry Liquid, Dryer Disks and Washer Wiffs will be marked with a clothes line icon.
  • Groom line (mens skincare and shave products) – including the Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar, Cream Shave Soap and Refreshing Face Balm will be marked with a fedora hat icon.
  • Clean line – including our Hand Soap, Kitchen Soap and Counter Clean will be marked with a field of flowers icon.
  • Kids line – including our Scentsy Buddies, Buddy Clips, Bath Smoothie, Scrubby Buddy, Kids Warmers and Kids Fragrances will be marked with a bicycle icon.
  • Home line – including our Scentsy Diffusers, all Scentsy Warmers – including Scentsy Baseball Cap Warmers and Scentsy Campus Collection Warmers and Nightlights will be marked with a tree icon.
  • Scent line – including our Scentsy Car Bar, Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, Scent Pak, Travel Tin and Natural & Essential Oils, will be marked with a butterfly icon.

Simplicity is key for the Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog season!


Start making your Christmas list and then get shopping at!

Traveling Scentsy Style – Part 7

We are catching up on my Scentsy travels fast! The story won’t end when I get to my final trip blog as I am continually striving to grow my Scentsy business and continue to earn the trips! To me, the Scentsy trips are more than just free trips – they are a way for me to see my Scentsy family! And it truly feels like a Scentsy family reunion every time I go on anything Scentsy – not just trips!

2012 would mark my 4th year with Scentsy. I wanted to celebrate early (as Scentsy incentive trips are typically in June) by earning the 2012 Scentsy Incentive Trip – Punta Cana “Rockin’ the Republic”.


Again, this trip was amazing! Scentsy never ceases to amaze me. No matter the destination, Scentsy spoils and pampers us! I was blessed to have earned for 2 again and so in June 2012, my husband and I headed to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the Dominican Republic. What a memorable time – from the small little turtles that sunned themselves just outside our room each day, the sweet waitresses at our favorite breakfast place, the crepes and ice cream parlor (it was the happening place at night!), to the colorful and beautiful Indian wedding that was held on the beach (the colors of this wedding were magnificent)! It truly was one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. These memories will be forever etched into my mind.



As they had done in the past, Scentsy did room drops so if I hadn’t wanted to, I wouldn’t have had to spend a dime on this trip! Of course, I did as I wanted to take souvenirs back to our kids. 🙂 But, my all time favorite souvenir from this trip was our final night’s room drop – a miniature guitar personally signed by Orville & Heidi Thompson, owners of Scentsy. What a keepsake!!


I am so thankful that I took the chance to Join Scentsy in July 2008. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would first, be still selling Scentsy but two, be able to travel for FREE by selling something I love! The $99 I spent for my Scentsy Starter Kit was the best birthday present I have ever given to myself. I look forward to many, many more years sharing Scentsy with others and helping others live their dream of having their own business and being their own boss!

Are you ready to Join Scentsy and my Scentsy team? Let’s travel to world together!!

If you have questions, contact me. If you are ready to Join Scentsy and be your own boss and become a Scentsy consultant, then go to and join today!! I look forward to having you on our TEAM!

Until next time…. 🙂


NEWEST Scentsy Buddy – Terra the Triceratops

Scentsy just announced our NEWEST Scentsy Buddy – Terra the Triceratops!

Be sure to get yours before she is gone as she is as supplies last! She is sure to go fast!

So adorable with her silver scales and yellow words. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle this Scentsy Buddy! And don’t forget, you get your choice of a Scent Pak with every purchase of a Scentsy Buddy!


Classic Scentsy Bar Fragrances

Scentsy Bars are unique and of best quality. Over the past 7+ years, I have fallen in love with my Scentsy fragrances! When I think about some of time-honored scents, I think of Coconut Lemongrass, Welcome Home, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, and Perfectly Pomegranate to name a few.

Scentsy Bars are loved by many and I have many Scentsy customers whose favorites are from the Classic Scentsy Fragrance Collection.

Let’s talk a little about the five Classic Scentsy Bars listed above.


Coconut Lemongrass – one of my personal favorites! To me, there is nothing better then to have your home smelling fresh and clean and that is exactly what coconut lemongrass does for me. The perfect blend of coconut and lemongrass makes my home smell like I have just dusted. Now, in the country, sometimes you can dust and 10 minutes later you need to dust again so having Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy going is a perfect way to make it seem my house is perfectly dusted all the time. 😉

Welcome Home – what better description than that! To me the words Welcome Home bring a warmth and comfort that only being home can do for you. The welcoming scent of cinnamon is perfect. I know that traditionally cinnamon is a fall or winter scent but for me it is an all year round scent. I know my grandma loved Welcome Home and it was very fitting that in her final days on this earth, her daughters had her Scentsy warmer going and Welcome Home warming. It still brings a smile to my face every time I smell Welcome Home as I think of my grandma and how much she meant to me and the great memories I have of her.

Black Raspberry Vanilla – what a refreshing scent! This one is an all-time favorite with customers young and old! Who doesn’t like the scent of dark berries warmed with a hint of vanilla? Black Raspberry Vanilla is a perfect scent to brighten up the room – light and refreshing.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla – another all-time favorite! If you like Black Raspberry Vanilla, you are sure to love Sweet Pea & Vanilla. The Sweet Pea in this Scentsy Bar is combined with the perfect blend of raspberries and vanilla. What a great fragrance for a young ladies bedroom.

Perfectly Pomegranate – my top seller for the “fruity” Scentsy bars! This scent is a true classic with pomegranate and sweet berries. If you want a perfect refreshing fruity scent for a front office or your family room, this one is perfect! It’s not too heavy and not too light – it is perfectly balanced.

Don’t take my word for it!! Get your Scentsy Bars ordered today!! And remember, there is a 10% off most everything in the Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalog until August 31st. We still have a few days left!!

Shop online at

Loving Fall with Scentsy

Are you excited for Fall? Are you waiting with anticipation for the Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog so you can get your hands on your favorites?

Did you know that there are many Scentsy Fragrances that are available NOW!! That’s right, you don’t have to wait for September 1 to get your order in! You can order some of your fall Scentsy Fragrances NOW and what better? THEY ARE ON THE 10% OFF SALE!!

Here are 6 Scentsy Bars I would recommend for the Fall and are available NOW!

Baked Apple Pie – this Scentsy bar brings back memories of my mom baking for the holidays! She would make with care the baked apple pies – flaky crusts and ripe apples mixed with cinnamon. Baked Apple Pie is always best served warm with a little vanilla ice cream don’t you agree?

Cider Mill – the Cider Mill Scentsy bar is a favorite – reminds me of sipping warm apple cider around a early fall evening around a fire pit with friends.

Cinnamon Vanilla – a perfect blend of vanilla beans and cinnamon. A customer favorite.

Pumpkin Roll – YUM! That’s what first comes to mind when I smell this Scentsy bar! Holidays, especially Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin roll! And this Scentsy fragrance hits a home run with this one!

Salted Caramel Cupcake – Sweet and gooey! The Salted Caramel Cupcake is full of creamy caramel scent with hints of cocoa and buttery cupcakes. Good enough to eat but remember, it’s a Scentsy bar!! 🙂

Welcome Home – A real classic. Welcome home is a perfect scent to welcome your guests into your home. The warm scent of cinnamon is very inviting.

Don’t wait to get yours!! These Scentsy bars are NOT being discontinued but the 10% off sale ends August 31!



Christmas Shopping DONE

How many times do you get to December and wish you could say your Christmas shopping was done? Well, Scentsy has a simple way to get that completed AND you could be done with your shopping by September 1st. Wouldn’t that be nice? And what would be even better? A sale!!

For the month of August, most everything in the Spring/Summer Scentsy catalog is 10% off! And that includes most of the combine and save packages!

Need an idea for your mom or grandma? My grandma LOVED butterflies so the Madame Butterfly Scentsy Warmers would have been perfect for her – I still got one for my mom to remember. Do you have someone in your life that is all about chickens/roosters? Scentsy has a Rooster warmer that is sure to please them or the Coop Wrap with a Scenty Silhouette  Warmer!

image image image

And what about those men in your life? Well, those man caves need to smell good too! Some great Scentsy warmes that I would suggest for the men are, the Lone Star or Hardwood. Of course, there are many more Scentsy Warmers to choose from.

image  image

Now to those special friends – you know who they are! Those friends that are always there for you when you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to hang out with! For these friends you need a special Scentsy Warmer. I would suggest Chasing Fireflies, Jane or one of our beautiful Lampshade Collection Scentsy Warmers.


And let’s not forget the kids in your life! Scentsy Buddies are a huge hit! Not only are these buddies cute and cuddly, they also come with a Scent Pak to make them smell amazing! And maybe your little ones need a little light in their room – the Tiger’e Eye is a great one! This beautiful warmer ever so slowly changes colors and is mesmerizing.


What are waiting for? Get shopping! All these suggestions I have given you for Scentsy product is available NOW at 10% off!


Traveling Scentsy Style – Part 6

Oh the places Scentsy has taken me – Canada, Alaska, San Francisico, Hawaii, and Boston to name a few. We still have a few more destinations Scentsy has taken me before this “Traveling Scentsy Style” blog is caugt up! I’m not done yet.

The 2011 Scentsy Incentive Trip was a family trip! Unlike the previous Scentsy trips where I could earn for myself and one guest, this one I had the opportunity to earn enough points to take my WHOLE family – my husband and our 3 children! And, it was to DisneyWorld – the place of imagination and music, fireworks and BIG dreams!!

I had always wanted to take our children to DisneyWorld but hadn’t yet had the chance to do so.


The 2011 Magical Memories Incentive Trip qualification started August 1, 2010 and ended January 31, 2011. As the Disney quote goes, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Well, I dreamed BIG, worked my Scentsy business, helped my team members start and build their Scentsy business and by January 31, 2011, I had earned enough points to not only take my whole family to DisneyWorld, I had earned enough to take a total of 6!!

I have a niece that was graduating high school in May of 2011 and guess what she got as her graduation present? Yep, you guessed it, a trip to DisneyWorld! She filled the last spot of our trip for 6!

What a great time we all had! And, as in the past, Scentsy took care of EVERYTHING! We boarded the plane and from there we were again pampered and had a carefree vacation! Food, hopper passes, Disney character breakfast, Scentsy night only at Typhoon Lagoon, and a farewell dinner and private area to watch the Epcot show were just some of the highlights of the week.

My kids still talk about the AMAZING time they had. Their favorite? The Aerosmith Rollercoaster! And believe me, a couple years ago when I had the opportunity to go back to DisneyWorld with my daughter’s senior class, the first thing she took her friends to was that rollercoaster.

The fun doesn’t stop here because guess what? Scentsy is again offering a FAMILY Incentive trip!! And it is to DisneyWorld!!! Yes, you read that right! Scentsy’s Incentive Trip for 2016 is a Family Trip  to DisneyWorld! The qualification period just started August 1, 2015 and ends January 31, 2016. There is PLENTY of time to earn this trip!! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s earn this trip together!!


Business Life Struggles

Ok blog friends, WARNING, this is a little on the personal side of a blog and not just Scentsy. 🙂

Have you ever worked really hard on something – I mean REALLY hard and you planned, constructed, planned some more and put in weeks of intense work to have it not work out the way you planned it? Well, it feels AWEFUL – you may feel discouraged and sad.

This is exactly what happened tonight to my dear baby brother (no, he isn’t a baby anymore but he is the youngest of 7 children and that makes him the “baby”). He worked so hard on a project to make our family business better. He planned, he engineered, and yet, the project isn’t working the way it should. I know he is discouraged and dissapointed but you know what? I believe in him and know that he will figure out what needs to be done and even though he doesn’t have the time right now to fix it, he will adjust and have it going bigger and better for next year’s season.

How many times did Edison fail before the light bulb worked? And how did he replied to that? He replied he had not failed but had found many ways the light bulb didn’t work! What a great perspective! Attitude is key! Don’t EVER give up on a dream or a goal just because it didn’ work the first time. Make adjustments, keep going forward and you will have success!! I’m sure my brother is hoping it doesn’t take as many steps for this project to work as it did the light bulb!! 😉

Oh the joys of farming!

This too will be an amazing machine soon – the beast coming summer of 2016! Never giving up!