FREE Scentsy Go when you join getascent.com/join in June!

Final days of the FREE Scentsy Go and pack of pods when you join my team!!

FREE Scentsy Go when you join getascent.com/join in June!8 days left to share this AMAZING DEAL!!! If you haven’t tried the Scentsy Go’s they are amazing I LOVE THEM. And when I show them to people they buy them, so great way to start a business with a free one. So offer this to EVERYONE, not only are you growing your team and moving up, but Scentsy is a great opportunity and blessing, whether you just need to make extra money or you want to make a career.

Click here for more information and to join my team! I can’t wait to welcome you to my Scentsy family!



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Check out our new fall products!

We have amazing new products that just launched September 1, including a new scent flower with essential oils, warmers, a wall fan diffuser and more. Visit my official Scentsy site to view!