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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies for the Child in Your Life

Wondering what to give to the child in your life this holiday season? We’ve got the perfect solution – one of our limited edition scentsy buddies. These combine the coziness of a stuffed animal with the sensory comfort of smells you love.

Each limited edition buddy comes with a zippy pouch where you insert a scent with your favorite aromas Our scents are made from all natural and essential oils.

When a buddy is gone, another one arrives to take its place. So if you find a buddy you love, act fast!

Boris the Yeti for the Imaginative, Snow-Loving Adventurer

Did the yeti ever exist? In the imagination of millions, the answer is a resounding yes! Beyond that, does it really matter?

Boris is the perfect buddy for the snow-loving, imaginative child. Add a wintery scent and Boris will be the perfect cold day companion.

Gage the Robot for the Rising Generation of Techies

Gage is the classic robot with a boxy head and torso. With blue striped arms and legs, this buddy will excite the computer-loving kiddo in your life.

Gilly the Perfect Buddy for Someone Who Needs a Quirky Friend

Gilly the Buddy conjures up thoughts of aliens and science fiction. His removable hood and bold colors make him a great companion for the science enthusiast in all of us.

Keaton the Koala for the Child Dreaming of an Adventure Down Under

This fluffy, tree-hugging buddy comes to us from Australia. If you love exotic, vegetarian animals, you won’t want to miss Keaton.

Maddy the Mouse for the Ballerina

With a pink ballet tutu and slippers to match, this little mouse will delight the up-and-coming dancer.

Meadow the Dear for the Nature Lover

Meadow is fashionable with her pink woodland hoodie. She’ll hide well in a pink-painted room that happens to have a few autumn leaves scattered around.

Olympia the Owl, the Wisest of the Scentsy Buddies 

Day or night, this faithful friend keeps you company as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. His colorful chest and legs prove that wisdom and knowledge don’t have to be boring. 

Sammy the Snowman for Holiday Cheer

Enjoying the freshly falling snow? Wishing you were enjoying a layer of snow? Sammy celebrates the holiday season with his classic red hat and scarf and a carrot nose.

Stevie the Shark, the Friendliest Fish Around 

This is no horror flick character. Stevie is a land-loving, cuddly shark. His fin makes him look authentic and his soft teeth assure you he’s a friendly guy.

Interested in one of our Scentsy Buddies? Check out our collection of all current buddies.

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