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Scentsy Director &
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Black Raspberry Vanilla Washer Whiffs 48 oz. Tub

Vanilla has a way of bringing balance to berries and creating an unforgettable, exotic sweetness to the mix. If you enjoy the combo of berries and vanilla, you’ll adore Scentsy’s Black Raspberry Vanilla Washer Whiffs. This fragrance is a blend of sun sweetened dark berries and warm vanilla that is altogether juicy, fresh, and inviting. Your outfit will smell as alluring as it looks! Scentsy Washer Whiffs take laundry care to a new, fun level by allowing you to customize your fragrance experience and give your clothing a lasting, yet subtle, scent. Each tub contains a generous 48 ounces and is fabric-safe, enabling you to scent all of your laundry. With Scentsy’s Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance, your clothes with smell as if you’ve walked through a lush field of beautifully ripe berries. Use it alone, or combine with Scentsy’s Laundry Liquid and Dryer Disks for a more robust level of fragrance. Clean, amazingly-scented laundry will be right at your fingertips with the Black Raspberry Vanilla Washer Whiffs Tub.


About Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Washer Whiff scent granules give clothes, towels and blankets a fragrance boost with just one scoop! Add to your washer drum for freshly-scented laundry right out of the wash. Available in 16 or 48 ounce tubs.

  • Easy to use – just add a scoop to your washer drum
  • Fragrance lasts for weeks
  • May help reduce odors in front-loading washing machines
  • Available in a variety of Scentsy fragrances

Use & Care

Use scoop to measure. For maximum fragrance or for extra-large loads, use multiple scoops. Pour measured scoop into the drum of your washing machine, where you add your laundry. Do not put Washer Whiffs in the liquid detergent, liquid softener or bleach dispensers. Do not put Washer Whiffs in your dryer. For best results, use with other Scentsy Laundry products.


 Sodium chloride, microcrystalline cellulose, fragrance/fragancia/parfum

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