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Skinny Dippin' Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Bar – Skinny Dippin’ – 3.2 fl. oz/Net Wt. 2.6 oz – 8 cubes per bar. Fill your home with the lively scent of fresh freedom with Scentsy’s Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Bar. Fresh green apples perfectly harmonize with refreshing melons and juicy pears to create an atmosphere that brings to mind images of a heavenly grove. You can go skinning dippin’ all year round, no matter where you are, and without fear of immodesty, because it’s the fruit fragrance letting it all hang out with its pure and natural vibe. Let this juicy fragrance envelop your room and rejuvenate your mood, taking you on an escape to a land filled with equal parts zest and relaxation. The Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Bar will transport you with the deliciously mingled scents of crisp apple and sweet, ripe melons and pears. Take a whiff and let the aromatic magic of this cheerfully sumptuous scent whisk you into feeling sunshiney and fancy-free. Scentsy can help you turn any room into a fresh and fragrant garden that definitely bares fruit.


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About Scentsy Wax Bars

A Scentsy Wax Bar is a block of fragrant wax in eight, pre-molded, break-apart cubes. They are made up of both synthetic and naturally-derived fragrance oils to achieve the highest-quality and longest-lasting bar. Our custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend is designed to give you long-lasting fragrance. Scentsy Wax Bars are made out of the same soft wax as traditional wick candles. However, the difference between Scentsy Wax Bars and others is that they are made specifically to melt at a certain temperature—one that is not hot enough to actually burn any chemicals or be a harmful substance. Each bar is made in Idaho. Net wt. 2.6 oz.

Use & Care

Place as many or as few of the scented wax cubes into your warmer to control the amount of fragrance you want. As they melt, the scent will begin to release into the air. Once the scent runs out, replace the wax with fresh cubes. To clean your used wax out of the warmer, use our Cotton Cleanup or cotton balls to soak up the wax. Or, pour it out and wipe the dish clean with a paper towel. Pour into the old container, or into your trash can – either is safe! Pro Tip – Look on the bottom of your wax dish or warmer for a number – the number indicates the suggested number of cubes to use for that particular warmer!


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