Scentsy Go, Scent Pods + Wraps

Scentsy Go

Discover our fragrance system that takes home fragrance to a new level. The Scentsy Go is a portable, compact, cordless fragrance system designed to full any small space with our signature Scentsy scents. Our Scentsy Go is wax free, heat free, and mess free! Fragrance that you can take anywhere with you.

Portable, battery-powered and ready to roam, this cordless system will create a mood wherever you go with gorgeous fragrance enhanced by adjustable fragrance strength and a seven-color LED display. Use with Scentsy Pods in your favorite fragrances.

Scentsy Go gives you INSTANT FRAGRANCE – it’s portable, compact and cordless (usb cord is included to recharge). It can go anywhere you go and fits great in the cup holder of your car.

Just imagine being able to take your favorite fragrance along no matter where you go. Choose your favorite scent from our huge selection, and take it with you!

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