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Scentsy warmers are wickless candle solutions that provide long-lasting, flameless scent for your home! Scentsy warmers use wax bars that are warmed to release fragrance into the air.

Our warmers include low-wattage light bulbs (15, 20, 25, or Edison 40 watt) or heating elements that slowly melt the wax bars. The warmth from the bulb or heating element creates a small pool of wax that remains lukewarm to the touch. And, because it’s warmed, not burned, it releases more fragrance than a typical candle would. It’s not hot enough to evaporate, meaning there are never harmful emissions put into the air, just our wonderful Scentsy fragrances. Unlike candles, you can leave your warmer on for many hours a day safely, without worries, just as you would a lamp or nightlight. Plus, it is safer than traditional candles—no open flames to worry about!

Scentsy has more than 80 scents available in wax bars, scent circles and room sprays and more than 100 warmer designs to choose from. Our bars last a minimum of 50 hours and some (depending on fragrance strength) have lasted close to 80 hours! So not only does Scentsy offer a safe and unique product, but it is more economical too!

There are different designs of Scentsy warmers, including:

Mini – use a 15 watt bulb
Element – use a heating element
Licensed – check out your favorites
Standard – use 20, 25  watt bulbs or a 40 watt Edison bulb
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If you love candles, you will love Scentsy!

Scentsy warmers are safer and better for your environment than traditional candles. No more soot! No more smoking candles! Just the beautiful fragrances you’ve been searching for. Our Scentsy products are considered “candle lamps.” You don’t have to worry if you leave them unattended or on for hours it is just like a lamp.


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