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About Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers are wickless candle solutions that provide long-lasting, flameless scent for your home! Scentsy Warmers use Wax Bars that are slowly warmed and release fragrance into the air as the wax melts. Because our wax is warmed, not burned, our warmers release more fragrance than a typical candle would. It’s not hot enough to evaporate, meaning there are never harmful emissions put into the air, just wonderful Scentsy fragrances. And unlike candles, you can leave your warmer on for many hours a day safely, without worries, just as you would a lamp or nightlight. Plus, it is safer than traditional candles—no open flames to worry about!

Standard Warmers

Scentsy Standard Warmers melt Scentsy Wax Bars with the heat of a low-watt bulb. Standard Warmers use 20-watt, 25-watt or 40-watt Edison bulbs (included). Or, add a pop of color to your warmer with our colored 25-watt bulbs in green, orange and red.

Element Warmers

Scentsy Element Warmers feature a heating element to safely warmer wax without a light bulb. They are great for bedrooms or other spaces where you want fragrance without the glow!

Mini Warmers

Mini Warmers are smaller versions of your favorite Scentsy Warmers! Plug them into a wall, or use a Mini Warmer Tabletop Base designed to use on any flat surface. Is your electrical plug mounted sideways on your wall? Or maybe upside down? No problem! All Mini Warmers can be turned to work on plugs of any direction. All Mini Warmers use a 15-watt bulb (included).

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