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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


Scentsy and Farming

What does Scentsy and farming have in common? You probably aren’t sure I know what I am talking about! Well, please bare with me!

The cool brisk breeze of the mornings are a reminder that fall is upon us! And, as a farmer’s wife, the hum of the tractor and the presence of drills and drill fill augers is a sure sign of fall and wheat planting.

As I sit here at the field waiting to help my husband fill the drills with wheat, I am taken back to my childhood as a farmer’s daughter (you know what? it was SO MUCH easier being a farmer’s daughter than it is a farmer’s wife!). The clank and squeaking of the drill wheels as they packed the wheat into the ground was, for whatever reason, calming and relaxing. It meant that another busy time of the year was coming to an end and the hope of a promising year was coming. The cool brisk air was refreshing and clean, the smell of freshly worked fields are amazing (for some reason dirt does smell good at times!), the seeds that were planted were the potential of a crop, and the hard work of the farmer was rewarded with this promise of a crop. My dad has worked hard all his life doing what he loves – working the fields, planting, maintaining and having the faith that the Lord would provide the crops that would in turn provide what he and my mom needed to raise us 7 children.

What does this have to do with Scentsy? I’m glad you asked? 🙂

When you are your own boss, and own your own business, you know that you must work your business in order to make it grow! And as a Scentsy consultant, you  must “work the ground”, “plant the seeds” and have “hope for a harvest”. You see, I LOVE Scentsy and what it means to me. But, if I never shared the Scentsy opportunity, or Scentsy products and just kept it all to myself, there would be no “harvest” my business would die. Keep in mind that just like farming, there are going to be seeds you plant that you aren’t going to see mature – but there WILL BE seeds that do! Having the hope of a growing business is what we must focus on. As with all businesses (and farming) there isn’t a “quick get rich” type of deal. We must continue to work hard, plant the seeds and have faith that we will see results!

I am so blessed to have found Scentsy (or maybe Scentsy found me!) just over 7 years ago. I have the hope that the seeds that I have planted will grow into a bountiful crop of home based business owners that are empowered to be the best they can be!

I would love the opportunity to help you have the “farmer’s life” with Scentsy –


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