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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


Scentsy Fragrance Oils Available August 1st

Scentsy Diffusers and Scentsy Oils will be availble starting August 1, 2015 when purchased directly through me – call/text 719-691-5789 or email me at They will be available to order online starting September 1, 2015 on my website

The Scentsy Diffusers and Scentsy Oils are a simple system. As I have already explained the Scentsy Diffuser in a previous post, this post is going to focus on the Scentsy Oils.

There are 21 Scentsy Oils that will be available with our Scentsy Diffusers. Essential oils (3), 100% Natural Oils (12), and Essential Oil Blends (6).

Scentsy Oils can be customized to your preference! You have complete control on scent strength using only Scentsy’s natural oils.

You can select Essential Oils which are simple, single note oils or you can choose a more complex Essential Oil Blend or 100% Natural Oil. Scentsy oils will fill your area with natural fragrance.



These oils are a pure essential oil that deliver a single fragrance. You can use it independently or it can be combined with other Scentsy Oils to create a personalized experience. Each bottle is 15ml

The three essential oils available are: eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint.

Eucalyptus – is harvested in Australia for its green, herbal qualities. This bold oil create a refreshing and cleansing fragrance.

Lavender –  comes from southern France which is known for its exquisite perfume. Lavender is calm and relaxing, and is equally floral, sweet and herbaceous.

Peppermint – is harvested in Washington state for its aromatic qualities. This uplifting, cooling peppermint fills a room with clarifying freshness.



The Scentsy essential oil blends are handcrafted into complex, aromatic formulas that connect body, mind and soul. Each bottle is 15ml

Bliss – geranium, amirs and yang yang and grounding olibanum. This combination brings harmony and peace.

Calm – ginger and bright lemongrass with nots of vetiver and petitgrain. This combination helps you unwind and adds balance and serenity.

Clear – eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. This combination sharpens your senses and brings clarity and refreshness.

Kick – lemon, lime, ginger, and cinnamon bark. This combination is energizing and adds warmth.

Rest – lavender, orange blossom, mandarin, and elemi. This combination is relaxing and helps to calm your mind.

Think – lemon, rosemary and amyris. This combination helps with concentration and focus.



These oils are created from blends of natural ingredients and steam-distilled essential oils. Each bottle is 15ml

Cedar Lemon Lavender 

Chamomile Mint

Eucalyptus Lavender Mint

Ginger Orange

Grapefruit Orange Vetiver

Lavender Tonka Bean

Lemon Eucalyptus Bergamot

Lemongrass Cucumber Lime

Rose Chamomile Lavender

Tangerine Lemon

Vanilla Cinnamon Clove

Vanilla Nutmeg Cardamom


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