Stevie the Shark

Newest Scentsy Buddy!

Stevie the Shark

stevie the shark
stevie the shark scentsy

I’m so excited to introduce the NEWEST SCENTSY BUDDY!! Stevie the Shark!!

Beware of his fuzzy fin! This brand-new Scentsy Buddy, Stevie the Shark, could possibly steal your heart! Please proceed with caution! However, if cuddly, unconditional love is your thing — then dive right in! And don’t worry, Stevie the Shark won’t bite. He prefers to snuggle, swim and ride the waves!

Order yours before he’s gone as he is a Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy!

Don’t delay! Stevie is available now, so make haste! Once he sells out, he will be gone for good and another Buddy will take his place.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Stevie the Shark is $25 and remember, each of our Scentsy Buddies come with your choice of a Scent Pak!


Scentsy buddies are limited edition, collectible stuffed animal toys that are soft and cuddly for babies and kids at any age.

Buddies make great gifts! This scented stuffed animal toy is also sweetly scented with Scentsy Fragrances. Buy a Stevie the Shark buddy online today!