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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


Traveling Scentsy Style – Part 1

For the next several weekends (I’m hoping for Saturday) I am going to be posting a blog about my Scentsy travels. I hope you enjoy them.

Most everyone likes to travel right? I say most because my sister is a stay-at-home type of person. I need to work on her! 🙂

Before I joined Scentsy, my husband and I traveled some but always wished we could travel more. But, farming life just didn’t allow it financially. We dreamed about cruising to Alaska, going to Hawaii again (we had gone for our honeymoon in 1988), traveling internationally, and even visiting my cousins that were living in Costa Rica.

When I enrolled as a Scentsy consultant in 2008, I had no idea the places Scentsy would take us! I joined in July and the annual Scentsy incentive trip qualification period started in August. I didn’t have a clue about the trip and so I began my Scentsy business sharing and going! I loved the product and soon I had orders, then a Scentsy fundraiser, and more orders! I was (and still do) enjoying my new Scentsy business!

February 2009 I received an email from Scentsy, Inc. I thought what fun, Scentsy sent me something. I opened the email and was surprised – I had earned the annual Scentsy incentive trip – Rally in the Rockies. What? I had to go look it up to see exactly what it was. It was a trip to Banff, Canada. Fun right! Well, my excitement was short lived as I thought, “Well, that’s nice but there isn’t any way my husband is going to let me go on a trip like that without him!” So, I was happy I’d earned but put it to the back of my mind for a day. The very next day I checked my email and there was another email! This time it said, “Congratulations on earning Rally in the Rockies for 2!” That was an amazing feeling. I was going to be able to go on a trip Scentsy style and I was taking my husband with me! That is a trip that changed my whole outlook on Scentsy. What an amazing company! Not only do they take care of everything for us, they also gave us little gifts throughout the week so in all actuality, we wouldn’t have had to purchase souvenirs as the gifts they gave us were great souvenirs. I still use the backpack they gave us! And it is clearly marked, Rally in the Rockies!

On this Scentsy trip I met some amazing people that are now great friends and mentors for me. The owners of Scentsy, Orville & Heidi Thompson, made a point to make sure they introduced themselves to any new attendees and I was in awe that they would want to know who I was. And it is still amazing to me that on every Scentsy trip or Scentsy event that we go to, they always stop long enough to say hello and the visit as time allows.

Are you thinking about becoming a Scentsy consultant? I can tell you that if I, a farmer’s wife, who lives in the middle of nowhere and has to drive 45 minutes to a grocery store can earn trips, YOU CAN TOO! And I am here to help you! Come join Scentsy and let’s travel together Scentsy style!

Or, are you a Scentsy consultant already and just reading my blog? I can tell you that earning that first Scentsy incentive trip to Banff changed my entire Scentsy business. They are THAT POWERFUL!!

Until the next time…


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