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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


Traveling Scentsy Style – Part 3

How time does fly! I love writing about my Scentsy trips as it takes me back! I love the fact that Scentsy makes it possible for me to see places I would have never been able to see on my own.

The Scentsy Incentive trip for 2010 was a little different then trips before. For the 2010 incentive trip – Cable Cars to Coconuts – Scentsy wanted to do a two-tiered trip. All who earned the trip would go to Hawaii for a beautiful relaxing trip. However, the top 30 earners would spend a few days in San Francisco first before going to Hawaii.

August 2009 to January 2010 was the qualification period. I knew that I wanted to make sure I had enough points to be able to take my husband back to Hawaii. We had spent our honeymoon in Hawaii in 1988 and had always said we would like to go back. Well, here it was, almost 22 years later and we still hadn’t gone back. So, to work I went! I LOVE sharing Scentsy so I was happy to go to shows, home parties, and I also did fundraisers. But, the most important thing that I did during this time was SHARE the Scentsy opportunity with others. I wanted (and still do) others to have the same opportunity to see the world Scentsy Style if that was their goal. And if it wasn’t, that was okay because I knew that everyone starts their own Scentsy business for different reasons.

When January 31, 2010 came, I knew I had done my best to reach a goal of getting back to Hawaii. To my great surprise, in February 2010, I received an email with congratulations on earning Cable Cars to Coconuts for two AND being in the top 30 so we were headed to San Francisco first!

June 2010 was soon upon us and we were off to San Fransisco. What an amazing trip that was! I met so many new friends on this small group trip! We went to Fisherman Wharf; saw a sea lion give birth to her young one as we were waiting to eat at one of our Scentsy sponsored dinners; took a tour of Alcatraz complements of Scentsy; rode the cable cars; and Scentsy took us all on a food tour of San Fransisco and what an amazing tour that was!

My husband and I are In-N-Out Burger fans and living in Colorado we don’t have a chance to go there often. So, we even took a taxi to an In-N-Out to have our favorite double-double with grilled onions. I felt we deserved one after all the walking we had done! Have you been to San Fransisco? Those streets are steep! Sure, it’s easy to go down but coming back up is tough!




Today starts our qualification period of Scentsy Incentive trip 2016! A family trip to DisneyWorld!! Come join me and let’s work together to earn this trip!!


Until next time!! Coming next week – Traveling Scentsy Style – Hawaii!


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