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Sharon Arns​, Scentsy Director & Founder's Circle Member


What is Scentsy?

After Joining Scentsy 7 years ago, I was asked, “What is Scentsy?” quite oten and I would share all about Scentsy. After a while, I didn’t have to share everything about Scentsy but, last night I was asked again, “What is Scentsy?” This question made me realize that not everyone knows exactly what is Scentsy is and even if they do know, they may not know ALL that Scentsy is.

You see, Scentsy is so much more than just warmers and bars. It is more than just diffusers and oils. And even more than just women, men, kid and laundry products.

In 2004 Scentsy became a DSA company. This dream of two moms wanting to do more for their families was becoming a reality. These two moms sold their home-built business to the Thompson’s. The Thompson’s have taken this dream and made it into so much more than anyone could have imagined.

Scentsy started with Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars. Scentsy is simply a safer alternative to candles. The beautiful warmers were designed to warm and melt the wax cubes. The unique Scentwsy Bars are NOT burned – they are warmed at a low temperature so the wax doesn’t burn, it melts and releases the scent – no flame, no soot, no smoke. The Scentsy Bar provides long-lasing fragrance.

But wait, there’s more!

Take your Scentsy Fragrace with you wherever you go! With Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Room Sprays, Scent Paks and Car Bars, you can have your favorite Scentsy Fragrance with you. Place a Scent Pak in your closet, drawer or even (yes, I do this) in your trash cans! The newest “on the go” Scentsy product is the Car Bar. With up to 30 days of scent, the Car Bar is great for your car. I have Coconut Cotton in my car now and love how great it smells everytime I get in. The Car Bar comes with an elastic band with the scent clearly marked so you will have no problems re-ordering yours.

Scentsy for the Laundry! Liquid Laundry soap, Washer Whiffs, Clothing Conditioner and Dryer Disks. Look no farther for your Laundry needs! The Liquid Laundry has an easy to use pump; the Washer Whiffs boost the Scentsy fragrance; the Clothing Conditioner is safe to use even on your dry-wicking clothing; and the Dryer Disk is a great way to lock in the fragrance in the dryer. I have to say my favorite of all these Scentsy Laundry Products is the Washer Whiffs. What is better than crawling into bed at night then your sheets and bedding smell as though you had just pulled them from the dryer? My family love the Scentsy Clean and Luna Laundry products. Every load is sure to have a scoop full of Washer Whiffs everytime – if it’s missed, dad knows!

The Scentsy Product line for men and women is designed for a personalized experience. These Scentsy products are unique and have their own line of Scentsy Fragrance. The men’s line (also known as Groom) has Shampoo, Shaving and Shower Bar, Cream Shave Soap, and Refreshing Face Balm. Everything to help men with that daily routine. These products work together to cleanse, soothe and soften a man’s skin. The women’s line (also known as Skin) includes Fine Fragrance Roller, Velvet Hand Cream and Whipped Body Souffle. These Scentsy Products work with your body chemistry to give you your own signature fragrance.

Scentsy for Kids is fun and exciting. From Scentsy Buddies to Scrubby Buddies, and Scentsy Clips to Scentsy Warmers and Fragrances created with kids in mind, these Scentsy products are sure to bring fun and laughter into your home.

We’ve come a long way and Scentsy hasn’t stopped yet! I’m excited to see where Scentsy will be in 10, 15, even 25 years from now! A business that started in a shipping container has grown into a World Leading Fragrance Company.


As you can see, there is so much more than just Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars available to you through Scentsy. Have Scentsy in your home already or are you new to Scentsy? I will be happy to help you with all your Scentsy Product needs!

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