Blue Grotto Room Spray


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Blue Grotto Room Spray

Love fresh tropical notes, sweet citrus and lush botanicals? You will want to try Blue Grotto. It is a new fragrance that will bring spring time alive!

Each Scentsy Room Spray has 2.7 oz / 80 ml of fragrance in each bottle. Just a squirt or two of the Blue Grotto Room Spray into the air will give you a wonderful fragrance wherever and whenever it is needed.

Use in your car, bedroom, bathroom or even take along on vacation and use in the hotel room.

We took a family cruise a few years ago, and we took a Scentsy Room Spray for the cruise ship cabin. As a result, now each time I use that room spray, I am transported back to the fun week we had together as a family. You will be surprised at what memories will come back to you the next time you spray your Scentsy Room Spray after you have used that fragrance on a vacation! I love being reminded of the memories that were made.


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