Scentsy Wax Bars

Scentsy Bars
With over 80 Fragrances to choose from, your sure to find a scent you will love! These Bars come in a premolded container holding eight squares. They are approximately 2.6 oz. of our high quality wax. Place all or as little as you would like into your warmer
Scentsy Wax
Scentsy Wax is made out of the same soft wax as your used to with traditional wicked candles, the difference between Scentsy wax bars and others is it is made specifically to melt at a certain temperature, one that is not Hot enough to actually burn any chemicals, or harmful substance. The Scentsy bars warm up only enough to let the Scent evaporate into the air, so there are No Worries, No Chemicals, No Soot, just wonderfull smelling Scentsy Scents.

To Purchase Scentsy bars & Refills you can Buy Scentsy Online or contact me directly. Scentsy is the “Hottest New Thing in Candles” try Scentsy out today!


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