Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Stuffed Animals

While Scentsy has already perfected the wickless candle business, they have decided to expand their business by adding Scentsy stuffed animals know as a Scentsy buddy. These Scentsy animals make wonderful gifts for children of all ages. The way the animals work is that there is a zipped pocket located on the back of the animal and you insert a special Scent Pak that comes in a variety of scents and it give off a pleasant scent for the child to enjoy.

There are currently four Scentsy stuffed animals to choose from and there will be more released as these three sell out. The Scentsy buddy are even named! Currently available are: Nile the Crocodile who is a green and yellow crocodile, Ruby the Rhino who is a soft cuddly gray rhinoceros, Bandit the Horse who is red with a bandana and our newest Scentsy Buddy is Bubbles the Octopus who is purple with a red bow and big adorable eyes. These Scentsy buddies are about ten inches when in the sitting position. They make great cuddle buddies and have been kid tested for durability.

As part of a set, a Scentsy buddy comes with the choice of one Scentsy pak. Scent paks are only available in a limited number of scents but more may be added to the collection with each new catalog (catalogs change March and September each year). The scents available for Scentsy Scent Paks are A Wink & A Smile, Atlas Cedar, Baked Apple Pie, Beach, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cheesecake, By the Sea, Camu Camu, Central Park Pralines, Cider Mill, Clean Breeze, Coconut Lemongrass, Dulce De Leche, French Lavender, Havana Cabana, Honeymoon Hideaway, Jumping' Jelly Bean, Just Breathe, Kahiko Hula, Lilacs & Violets, Lucky in Love, Luna, Lush Gardenia, Mochadoodle, Newborn Nursery, Ocean, Perfectly Pomegranate, Pineapple Sorbet, Pumpkin Roll, Satin Sheets, Shaka, Simply Vanilla, Skinny Dippin', Sugar, Sugar Cookie, Sunkissed Citrus, Sweet Pea Vanilla, Thunderstorm, Welcome Home, White Tea & Cactus, Yuzu Dragon and Zen Garden. These Scent Paks are made with non-toxic plastic beads injected with fragrance oils this is so if ingested they will not cause any harm to the child. These Scentsy stuffed animals are made with children and parents in mind.

When trying to find presents for the child that has everything think Scentsy buddy. For 25 dollars, you can have the Scentsy stuffed animal and one Scent Pak of your choice. Extra Scent Paks are available for seven dollars and do not have to be used exclusively with the Scentsy animals. They can be used as fresheners for bags, lockers, or even dresser drawers. Contact me today to order your new SCENTSY BUDDY!