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Santa Fe Plug-In Scentsy Warmer

Santa Fe Plug-In Scentsy Warmer
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This Scentsy plug-in warmer is very much reminiscent of Mexican architecture. Centered with a turquoise gem surrounded with fine metalwork amidst a light earthy brown backdrop, one look at this warmer can instantly take you to the streets of Santa Fe. Fans of Mexican-inspired décor would fall in love with this unique warmer. Put in your favorite scent in its detachable base, plug it in, and enjoy delightful scents of your choice. Superior both in aesthetics and quality, this Santa Fe Scentsy warmer would suit just about any room in the house. Part of Scentsy's individual collection, this plug-in warmer can be a welcome addition to your personal collection of home décor.

Product # PSW-STFE
Santa Fe Plug-In Scentsy Warmer

As of Oct. 22, 2014 the Santa Fe Scentsy Warmer is currently available to purchase online. Buy the Santa Fe Plug-In Scentsy Warmer Online.

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