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Scent & Warmer of the Month

October 2018: Gold Leaf Warmer & Butter Pecan Fragrance

Each month Scentsy introduces a new Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Fragrance! The Scent & Warmer of the Month are then available for 10% off during that month. These special products are available for purchase for 6 months after they are introduced. Then Scentsy will retire them, so make sure to get yours before it’s too late!

October’s Warmer of the Month is the Gold Leaf Warmer, and the scent of the month is Butter Pecan.

Gold Leaf Warmer

October’s Warmer of the Month is a tribute to autumn with a beautiful cut-out image of oak leaves on a deep metal background. When lit, the leaves glow and create a lovely fall atmosphere.

Butter Pecan fragrance

What says fall better than butter pecan? October’s Scent of the Month combines candied pecan with maple and butter for a warm, sweet fragrance that echoes the beauty of the season.

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