Select Scentsy Buddies are BACK for the holidays at!

Select Scentsy Buddies are back for the holidays!

It’s so exciting to see these buddies again! Snap yours up before they’re all gone!

Get the Scentsy Jelly Belly wax collection for sale NOW at!

The new Jelly Belly Wax Collection is here, and it’s all you dreamed it could be

Jelly Bellys! Remember those supercharged candy flavors from childhood, the ones you could mix and match for a gourmet taste from tiny little beans? Now you can relive those delicious days with the new Scentsy Jelly Belly Wax Collection!

And just to remind you of those joyful days, Scentsy will even include some actual Jelly Belly candies in the box as well! These were just released today and will only be available while supplies last, so hurry! I just know these will sell out quickly. The fragrances come in a collector’s box that includes five Scentsy Bars in some of Jelly Belly’s most popular flavors:

Sizzling Cinnamon — A spicy, sweet blend of real cinnamon, orange zest and sugarcane.

Juicy Pear — Jam-packed with lush Anjou pears and bright vanilla cotton candy.

Toasted Marshmallow — Oozing with the buttery scent of fire-roasted vanilla, crystallized amber and hints of cedarwood.

Green Apple — A perfect fusion of tart green apples, spun sugar and candy-sweet vanilla.

Tutti-Fruitti — Tantalizingly fruity, juicy citrus and subtle florals swirl with wintergreen and cloves.

The Jelly Belly Wax Collection is just $30 while supplies last. Each Jelly Belly Scentsy Bar can also be added to a Scentsy Club subscription. These additions can be made for 30 days after launch, or as long as the fragrances are available beyond that date.*

Grab yours now while they last!

*See my FAQ for more details. 

Go fetch the new Scentsy Pet Collection

Coming August 19!

Scentsy’s new Pet Collection is going to be your new best friend! These products are specially formulated for your fur babies to keep them clean, sleek and fresh! 

Only the best ingredients

When developing these products, we considered both pets’ sensitive skin and the potential for ingestion to ensure their safety. That’s why we used only the safest ingredients in accordance with International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) guidelines. 

 All Pets products are formulated with aloe vera, sunflower oil, vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal and other natural and synthetic ingredients. The entire collection is free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and alcohol, and the fragrances are designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), which means they’re pet-friendly!

All the Benefits

The formulas are effective at cleaning and conditioning your pet’s fur and skin, while imparting exclusive Scentsy fragrance. Plus, all the products are made in the USA with mild ingredients and pet-safe fragrances. 

Explore the new Pet Collection products

Pet Shampoo

A sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo that includes sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal to gently cleanse and condition your pet, while hydrating dry, itchy skin. Plus, it’s infused with a touch of Scentsy fragrance to leave your furry friend smelling fresh. Pet Shampoo must be rinsed off.

Surfactants, or cleansing agents, lift away dirt, while moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and colloidal oatmeal smooth and condition the fur.

The amount used depends on pet size and hair length.

At this time, we don’t make a tear-free claim on Pets products.

Dog Detangling Spray

This mat-busting spray easily removes tangles and keeps dogs looking dapper (and smelling fresh), while aloe, sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal condition the coat and skin.
The Dog Detangling Spray can be applied to, and left on, both dry or wet fur to remove matts and tangles, and to keep your dog looking fresh.

The Dog Detangling Spray can be used on dry or wet fur to remove tangles and matts, while helping to condition the coat and skin. Plus, it’s infused with a hint of Scentsy fragrance to give your pet an extra boost of freshness.

Always shake well before use. For dry coats (in between baths): Hold the sprayer six inches from your pet, then spray evenly over the entire coat and brush thoroughly. For wet coats (after shampooing with Best Bud Suds Shampoo): Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Hold the sprayer six inches from your pet, then spray evenly over the entire coat and brush thoroughly. Test on a small area of your dog before applying if you’re concerned about sensitivities or reactions.

Yes. If the spray is applied to cats, they may lick it off.

Usage amount depends on pet size and hair length.

Get Scentsy's new Freshen Up Pup Dog Deodorizing Spray for sale at NOW!

Dog Deodorizing Spray

An odor-eliminating spray formulated to freshen up dogs between baths.
Dog Deodorizing Spray is intended to be used in between baths and left on the fur to eliminate odors and add a burst of fragrance.

This easy-to-use spray eliminates odors in between baths with a burst of Scentsy fragrance, while gentle ingredients like aloe, colloidal oatmeal and sunflower oil rehydrate and soothe the skin and coat.

Shake well before use. Part the coat, then spray and massage it well into the skin. Test on a small area of your dog before applying if you’re concerned about sensitivities or reactions.

Yes. If the spray is applied to cats, they may lick it off.

Usage amount depends on pet size and hair length.

More questions? Check here...

Yes, as long as they’re eight weeks or older.

Fragrance strength and duration depends on the type of product used, the amount applied and your pet’s activity level.

Yes. All Scentsy Pets products are vegan and contain no animal ingredients or byproducts. 

Yes. Although Pets products are developed specifically for pets’ sensitive skin, they’re safe for human use. Go ahead and try it — we won’t judge!

No. Pets products are not gluten-free because they’re formulated with colloidal oatmeal to help condition the coat and skin.

No. Scentsy Pets products are not certified organic.

Yes. All Scentsy Pets products are pH-balanced specifically for pets’ skin. If you’re worried about pet sensitivity, apply the product to a small area of your pet before full application. If irritation occurs, bathe your pet to remove the product and consult your vet.

Yes. All Scentsy consumable products can be added to a Scentsy Club order.

It’s possible you might see some Pets products as part of Whiff Box, but every month’s assortment is a different surprise.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or have received a defective item, please contact your consultant.

This product was developed for dogs, cats and even horses. Test on a small area of your pet before full application if you’re concerned about sensitivities or reactions.

Use as needed, but it’s gentle enough to use every day if you want!

Ready to check out the pet products for yourself? Click below to browse the Pet Collection. Scentsy Pet Collection products will be available starting August 19, but you can add your name to my special wait list to make sure you are among the first to receive them!

Scentsy’s new Wall Fan Diffuser is a convenient new way to Scent!

The NEW Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser offers a compact, convenient way to add your favorite fragrance to your space. The Wall Fan Diffuser plugs into any outlet. That means it’s perfect for smaller areas with little or no counter space. Think hallways, bathrooms, entryways, even closets. Enclosed places like rooms that house pet beds or litter boxes can now be as fresh and fragrant as the rest of your home!

The Wall Fan Diffuser uses Scentsy Pods, just like the Scentsy Go. So you can start using it with all the same scents you enjoy with the Scentsy Go.

The Wall Fan Diffuser will be available September 1, when the new Scentsy Fall / Winter catalog is released. But you can reserve yours now by adding your name to my special waitlist!

Make sure to stay up to date on my latest special offers and exclusive deals by signing up below, or texting SCENTSY to 21000. You never know what specials might pop up next! Love, Sharon
Shop Scentsy's NEW Summer Collection for sale NOW at!

Dive into Summer with Scentsy’s 2019 Summer Collection!

The Scentsy Summer Collection is here, and you’re going to want to get your orders in before it’s too late! These summer-themed fragrances and warmers will keep the great outdoors in your heart all summer long. Here are some of my favorites from the Summer Collection. Which ones are you going to snap up?

Gone Camping!

Get Scentsy's adorable Hit the Trail Warmer for sale NOW at!

Hit the Trail Warmer

This is one pair of hiking boots that will smell just as sweet when you get to your destination as they did when you started.

Shop Gone Camping Scentsy Bars for sale NOW at!

Gone Camping Scent

This fresh scent will remind you of your favorite camping trip... that one where you found just the right spot in the fragrant woods, next to a meadow of lilies.

Shop Scentsy Camping Oil 3-Pack for sale NOW at!

Camping Oil 3-pack

This adorable tin comes with 3 camping-inspired scents: Towering Pines, Nature Stroll, and Early Bird.

Sail Away!

Shop Scentsy Knotical Mini-Warmer for sale NOW on!

Knotical Mini-Warmer

Sail away on the scent of your choice with this nautical-themed mini-warmer.

Shop Endless Sea Scentsy Soak for sale NOW at!

Endless Sea Scentsy Soak

Bathe in a sea of fresh breezes with this delightful new Scentsy Soak.

Shop Saltie Seahorse + Candy Crave Fragrance Buddy Clips by Scentsy for sale NOW at!

Saltie Seahorse

Featuring Candy Crush fragrance, this little guy will spread cheer and sweet scents wherever you clip him.

There’s so much more in store… check out the whole Summer Collection here!

Win a Golden Ticket from Scentsy at!

Will you win a golden ticket?

Exciting news from Scentsy today! To celebrate 15 years of awesomeness, they are hiding Golden Tickets in random Scentsy Whiff Boxes all summer! For 15 weeks you will have a chance to win amazing prizes! Every week will reveal new prizes! And these are awesome giveaways…  prizes could include a bundle of Scentsy’s top-selling products, a year’s supply of Scentsy Laundry products, or a Whiff Box every month for a year!

The first winner has already found her ticket. She won a diffuser and 21 oils! What could be in store for you?

Read more here and be sure to sign up for your Whiff Box so that you have a chance to be the next to win big! And if you do find one, be sure to share the joy with everyone by using #ScentsyWinners on social media.

Good luck!



Shop Scentsy Father's Day gift ideas on sale NOW at!

Shop Father’s Day gifts now!

He’s your main man, your biggest fan, your port in the storm, and your tech support. But he’s so hard to shop for! Scentsy is here to help. This year’s Father’s Day specials feature a selection of great masculine fragrances. Not only that, but you can choose from some of Dad’s favorite activities to celebrate his unique style. Check out all the options here!

Shop Scentsy Father's Day gift ideas on sale NOW at!Is your dad a baseball fan? You can choose from several different major league teams with this awesome bundle. It even comes with two free bars!

Shop Scentsy Father's Day gift ideas on sale NOW at!Is he a master of the grill? Check out this adorable Thrill of the Grill warmer! It comes with three Scentsy bars to brighten his day and freshen his outlook.

Or you can go for a shower bundle, featuring either Mystery Man or My Dear Watson, for a daily dose of delicious Scentsy fragrance in the shower.

Find your favorites here and celebrate your dad in style this Father’s Day!

Get ready for summer with April 2019’s BERRY delicious scent & warmer of the month!

If you’re anywhere near this month’s bomb cyclone, then I’m sure you’ll agree that summer’s long, warm days feel far away. But believe it or not, this beautiful, summery scent and warmer are only a month away! The new Sugared Strawberry fragrance combines delicious strawberries, bright lemon, and warm, juicy currants for a sweet, zesty scent. You’ll be inspired to bake a pie or whip up a batch of preserves.

And just look at that adorable warmer masquerading as a basket of strawberries! The classic berry basket holds an abundance of ripe strawberries ready to share their luscious scent in your home. Red and round, they look ready to pluck and take a bite.

All of April’s Scent and Warmer of the Month products will be available starting April 1. But if you’re impatient for this breath of summer like I am, you can pre-order by signing up here: Pre-Order Now!



Pre-order the strawberry basket Scentsy warmer (April 2019's warmer of the month) NOW at!

Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at | Sharon Arns

Join my team in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser!

Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at | Sharon ArnsThis great deal makes it a great time to join my team! For November only, Scentsy is offering the Enhanced Starter Kit!

For $149,* new Consultants who join in November will receive an Awaken Diffuser and one Marine Cypress Lavender 100% Natural Oil in addition to the amazing items already included in the Starter Kit! †

This kit comes with everything you need to launch a successful Scentsy business:Continue reading