Dumbo Scentsy Buddy available NOW at getascent.com!

Pre-order the adorable Dumbo Scentsy Buddy today!

Pre-order your Dumbo Scentsy Buddy now! Available on 3/18/19!Have you seen anything cuter than the Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy? Soft and textured, Dumbo is ready to fly into your life and share his special message with you and your loved ones. Dumbo is a classic reminder that you have everything you need to be successful! Dumbo is available for purchase starting March 18, 2019. Can’t wait to get your hands on this one? Pre-order today to be sure you are first in line! Dumbo will only be available while supplies last.Continue reading

Get ready for summer with April 2019’s BERRY delicious scent & warmer of the month!

If you’re anywhere near this month’s bomb cyclone, then I’m sure you’ll agree that summer’s long, warm days feel far away. But believe it or not, this beautiful, summery scent and warmer are only a month away! The new Sugared Strawberry fragrance combines delicious strawberries, bright lemon, and warm, juicy currants for a sweet, zesty scent. You’ll be inspired to bake a pie or whip up a batch of preserves.

And just look at that adorable warmer masquerading as a basket of strawberries! The classic berry basket holds an abundance of ripe strawberries ready to share their luscious scent in your home. Red and round, they look ready to pluck and take a bite.

All of April’s Scent and Warmer of the Month products will be available starting April 1. But if you’re impatient for this breath of summer like I am, you can pre-order by signing up here: Pre-Order Now!



Pre-order the strawberry basket Scentsy warmer (April 2019's warmer of the month) NOW at getascent.com!

Stitch Scentsy buddy now available!

Stitch Scentsy Buddy is ready to join your family.

Stitch is the adorable and uber popular alien from Disney’s beloved movie, “Lilo and Stitch.” He’s a bestselling plush character at the Disney Store, and now you can have him for your very own in the form of a Scentsy Buddy!

Check out our new (and adorable) Stitch – Scentsy Buddy and exclusive fragrance, Stitch: Experiment 626, a tropically inspired blend of Valencia orange, pineapple nectar, sugarcane and sea salt mist. This fragrance will take you away to an island dream while you snuggle this lovable friend.

How to get your paws on Stitch – Scentsy Buddy

Pick up a preselected Stitch: Experiment 626 Scent Pak for $35.

Opt for a bundle featuring the Stitch – Scentsy Buddy (including his Scent Pak) and a Stitch: Experiment 626 Scentsy Wax Bar for $40 — a $1.50 savings!

Click here to check out all adorable Disney products, including Stitch – Scentsy Buddy.

You can also add Stitch: Experiment 626 to your Scentsy Club subscription as a Scentsy Bar. Make sure to add it by March 13, 2019, or as long as the fragrance is available beyond that date.* Get this fragrance shipped to you on a regular basis — as long as you want — by taking advantage of Scentsy Club’s Always Get My Bar perk. Otherwise, Stitch: Experiment 626 is only available while supplies last.

*See the Scentsy Club FAQ for more details.

Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at getascent.com | Sharon Arns

Join my team in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser!

Join Scentsy in November and receive a FREE Awaken Diffuser! Check it out now at getascent.com | Sharon ArnsThis great deal makes it a great time to join my team! For November only, Scentsy is offering the Enhanced Starter Kit!

For $149,* new Consultants who join in November will receive an Awaken Diffuser and one Marine Cypress Lavender 100% Natural Oil in addition to the amazing items already included in the Starter Kit! †

This kit comes with everything you need to launch a successful Scentsy business:Continue reading

Tannenbaum Express features music and a moving train!

Shop the Scentsy Tannenbaum Express warmer while supplies last at getascent.com!Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? When you see this new warmer, you are going to want to start! That’s because this warmer is something truly unique and special. You will want to get it out year after year as part of your holiday tradition.

I’m talking about the limited-edition 2018 Tannenbaum Express Warmer — Scentsy’s first warmer to include both music and a moving train!

This collectible warmer is only available while supplies last and includes: Continue reading

Scentsy buddy Homer the Husky is for sale now at getascent.com!

Homer the Husky might be the cutest Scentsy buddy yet!

Scentsy buddy Homer the Husky is for sale now at getascent.com!Who is a dog-gone good boy? Homer the Husky, of course! He’s looking forward to pulling sleds through the snow and loads of tail-waggin’ fun! With his soft gray and white fur, cute pointed ears and black nose, this playful pooch is ready for belly rubs.

But mush, don’t walk! Homer is only available while supplies last.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Homer the Husky is $30 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice.

Scentsy BBMB results are in! | Get A Scent

BBMB winners plus 5 bonus bars!

Scentsy BBMB results are in! | Get A ScentThank you for voting for Bring Back My Bar (BBMB)! You were one of over 3.5 million Scentsy enthusiasts who weighed in on their favorite fragrances. After tallying the results, Scentsy has announced the following top 20 winners.

Not only that, but Scentsy added 5 bars as a bonus to thank everyone for such an amazing turnout. These were not among the top 20, but they’re some of Scentsy’s favorites.

Here are the top 20 BBMB winners:

Continue reading

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar starts Oct. 1! | Get A Scent | Sharon Arns

BBMB (Bring Back My Bar) returns October 1!

Vote for your favorites – with a twist!

Vote for your favorite Scentsy bars during BBMB starting October 1! | getascent.comTwice a year, Scentsy customers get to vote on their favorite fragrances that have been discontinued. Then Scentsy puts the winning Top 20 bars on sale for a month! Your next chance to vote is coming up soon – on October 1! So mark your calendar and set a reminder, because you don’t want to miss reuniting with your favorite scents from the past. Plus, this BBMB has a special twist! Keep reading to find out more…

Continue reading
Sign up for Scentsy Whiff Box today at getascent.com! | Sharon Arns

Scentsy Whiff Box vs. Scentsy Club subscription service

Scentsy has unveiled two exciting new programs this month: the Scentsy Whiff Box and the Scentsy Club subscription service. I just know you’re going to want to try them out for yourself. They are somewhat similar and related, so I hope this post will help clarify the details and benefits of both!

What is a Scentsy Whiff Box?

Many people are asking, “What is a Scentsy Whiff Box?” Scentsy Whiff boxes are an awesome way that you can experience Scentsy’s new, trending and seasonal products. Each month Scentsy will hand-pick an assortment of 5-8 products to share with you in this fun “whiff box,” complete with a pretty package and a note about the items in your box. Scentsy will often include sneak peeks of upcoming fragrances or ask for your feedback on new scents they are testing out. And you will also get the chance to preview the upcoming Scent of the Month.

Every month the Scentsy Whiff Box products will change, but the total value of the will always exceed the $30 you pay for it. If you would like to see an example of the types of products you will receive, here is an unboxing video I recently made! 

If you want to receive Scentsy Whiff Boxes on a regular basis, you can sign up for recurring deliveries (every 1, 2, or 3 months) using Scentsy Club! Read more about that below…

Check out the new Scentsy Whiff Box now at getascent.com!

Scentsy Club is a convenient way you can customize a shipping schedule for your favorite Scentsy consumables. Consumables are products that run out. So that incluedes things like wax bars, laundry liquid, body lotion, and light bulbs. Scentsy Club makes it easy to make sure you don’t have to remember to order more before you run out of something you love!

One of the most exciting perks of Scentsy Club is called “Always Get My Bar:” If Scentsy discontinues a bar that’s in your subscription, they will keep making it just for you as long as it’s in your order! So you will never have to worry about your favorites going away!

Plus, now until September 22, Scentsy has a special related offer! You can include bars that just retired in the spring/summer line and those that were available from Bring Back My Bar this July. That means Scentsy will keep making them for you as long as they stay in your order! 

There is no minimum or maximum, and you can choose the frequency – every 1, 2, or 3 months. Then if you change your mind later, you can just update your preferences. Plus shipping is free if you have more than $60 worth in your order, and it’s just $5 for orders of $30 and up.

You can include the Whiff Box as one of your Scentsy Club items, which would automatically put you at $5 shipping. Then you just need to add $30 more to earn free shipping!

What will you choose?

I loved my Whiff Box, so I plan to add that to my Scentsy Club first. That gets me halfway to free shipping! Then I know I always need Washer Whiffs, because my husband and I use them all the time. What else should I include? What are you going to include?

If you have more questions, check out my FAQ page, or you can learn more about Whiff Boxes here and Scentsy Club here. And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!