Sunkissed Citrus Washer Whiffs 48 oz. Tub

Imagine yourself in a charming citrus orchard surrounded by trees full of mouth-watering oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. As you breathe in the delicious aroma a gentle breeze gently nestles the leaves, giving you a calm, peaceful, and relaxing feeling. Experience that same sensation while doing your laundry with Scentsy Sun Kissed Citrus Washer Whiffs. Scentsy’s Sun Kissed Citrus Washer Whiffs are the perfect way to indulge your laundry with the luscious aromas of blended lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit. Add some Scentsy to your washer drum, and have an amazing new laundry experience. From your bath towels to delicates, Scentsy’s Sun Kissed Citrus Washer Whiffs will give you that peaceful feeling of relaxing in that lovely citrus orchard. Washing your laundry has never been more enjoyable. As you breathe in those delectable fragrances your entire body, spirit, and mind will benefit. Scentsy Sun Kissed Washer Whiffs are safe to use in all washers. Your laundry experience has never been this good.


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