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Authentic Scentsy Products

Scentsy products are designed with you in mind, Scentsy offers over 100 different Scentsy Warmers which includes our Art Glass, Lampshade, Silhouette, Shadow, Premium, Deluxe, Element, Baseball Cap, College, and Nightlight Warmers and Over 80 different Scentsy Fragrances. So if your looking for an Electric Candle Warmer you are sure to find one you love and matches your decor. If your looking for that perfect scent, with over 80 Scents available your also sure to find the one that makes you melt. When you buy Authentic Scentsy Products from an Independent Scentsy Consultant the Products come backed with a 30 day Product Exchange Guarantee and a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee.

If Safety comes to mind when you think of Candles, have no worries Scentsy Products are safer than traditional candles out there. Scentsy warmers are lit by a tiny bulb (our Scentsy warmers use a 15, 20 or 25 watt bulb) or heating element, so not only are you preventing the possibilty of a fire but you are also using a Very low amount of energy.

Scentsy Products come in all sorts: Candle Warmers, Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Scentsy Nightlight warmers, even cute stuffed animals called the Scentsy Buddy. Bring your Scentsy buddy to life by inserting a Scentsy Scent Pak in to the back of the adorable Scentsy buddy.

  • Scentsy Candles offers over 100 beautiful Scentsy Warmers, 26 nightlight warmers and over 80 scentsational scents available in wax bars, Room Sprays and scent circles. Take a look around to Learn More about these beautiful Scentsy Products, or if you already know what your looking for Buy Scentsy Online Here.

Scentsy Products are available in Combine & Save Packages – make sure to check them out HERE.

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy Warmers are leadless, wickless, flameless, and smokeless candles. They are great for people with children and animals because they make your space smell wonderful while still being safe. Unlike traditional candles, The Scentsy Candle Warmer emit anything into the air. Therefore, there won’t be any lead or soot build up on your walls, furniture, and in your lungs.

How do Scentsy products work?

The Scentsy bars or bricks are warmed and melted in one of our unique warmers. Rather than using a flame, Scentsy warmers melt the wax using a 25, 20, or 15 watt light bulb or a heating element. This allows the wax to melt just above body temperature, eliminating the chance of burning yourself if your skin comes in contact with the wax. Scentsy warmers are truely a “Simple System”, simply:
Plug it in. Turn it On.
Place one ore more sections of the Scentsy bar into the dish.
Enjoy your new Scentsy warmer, and the peace of mind Scentsy gives.

Are Scentsy Products Safe?

Absolutely!! Unlike traditional candles that use a wick and flame to release scent, Scentsy utilizes a safe & worry free light bulb to warm the wax. Scentsy warmers use a tiny 25 watt (Full-Size warmers) light bulb to slowly warm the scent out of the wax instead of burning it in to the air. Traditional candles use a flame to release the scent, which in turn burns unwanted chemicals in to the air along with the scent, not only is this unhealthy and dangerous but it also leaves a dark black soot behind on your walls and ceilings, yuck! Just take a look at this article NFPA: Candle Fires Up 300% Since 1990, about the NFPA announcing candle fires have risen %300 since 1990. If that doesn’t make you think twice about using wicked candles, I don’t know what will. Scentsy is as safe as a table lamp, or childrens night light.

Where can I use Scentsy products?

With over 100 warmers and 80 fragrances, there’s guaranteed to be a warmer and fragrance perfect for you. Scentsy is perfect for your house, the office, and even your car.

How do I Buy Scentsy Products?

You can Buy Scentsy Products Online by clicking the “Buy Scentsy Online” button at the top of the page, or by calling (719-691-5789) or emailing me ( If you would like to buy Scentsy from someone local, either Myself or an Independent Scentsy Consultant in your area would be more then happy to help you.