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Scentsy Whiff Box vs. Scentsy Club subscription service

Scentsy has unveiled two exciting new programs this month: the Scentsy Whiff Box and the Scentsy Club subscription service. I just know you’re going to want to try them out for yourself. They are somewhat similar and related, so I hope this post will help clarify the details and benefits of both!

What is a Scentsy Whiff Box?

Many people are asking, “What is a Scentsy Whiff Box?” Scentsy Whiff boxes are an awesome way that you can experience Scentsy’s new, trending and seasonal products. Each month Scentsy will hand-pick an assortment of 5-8 products to share with you in this fun “whiff box,” complete with a pretty package and a note about the items in your box. Scentsy will often include sneak peeks of upcoming fragrances or ask for your feedback on new scents they are testing out. And you will also get the chance to preview the upcoming Scent of the Month.

Every month the Scentsy Whiff Box products will change, but the total value of the will always exceed the $30 you pay for it. If you would like to see an example of the types of products you will receive, here is an unboxing video I recently made! 

If you want to receive Scentsy Whiff Boxes on a regular basis, you can sign up for recurring deliveries (every 1, 2, or 3 months) using Scentsy Club! Read more about that below…

Check out the new Scentsy Whiff Box now at!

Scentsy Club is a convenient way you can customize a shipping schedule for your favorite Scentsy consumables. Consumables are products that run out. So that incluedes things like wax bars, laundry liquid, body lotion, and light bulbs. Scentsy Club makes it easy to make sure you don’t have to remember to order more before you run out of something you love!

One of the most exciting perks of Scentsy Club is called “Always Get My Bar:” If Scentsy discontinues a bar that’s in your subscription, they will keep making it just for you as long as it’s in your order! So you will never have to worry about your favorites going away!

Plus, now until September 22, Scentsy has a special related offer! You can include bars that just retired in the spring/summer line and those that were available from Bring Back My Bar this July. That means Scentsy will keep making them for you as long as they stay in your order! 

There is no minimum or maximum, and you can choose the frequency – every 1, 2, or 3 months. Then if you change your mind later, you can just update your preferences. Plus shipping is free if you have more than $60 worth in your order, and it’s just $5 for orders of $30 and up.

You can include the Whiff Box as one of your Scentsy Club items, which would automatically put you at $5 shipping. Then you just need to add $30 more to earn free shipping!

What will you choose?

I loved my Whiff Box, so I plan to add that to my Scentsy Club first. That gets me halfway to free shipping! Then I know I always need Washer Whiffs, because my husband and I use them all the time. What else should I include? What are you going to include?

If you have more questions, check out my FAQ page, or you can learn more about Whiff Boxes here and Scentsy Club here. And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!



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