The Best Scentsy Bars to Start the Holiday Season

What’s your favorite holiday aroma? Chances are, you’ll find it in one of our scentsy bars.

Blue Christmas Scentsy Bar

What exactly is that ‘blue Christmas’ that Elvis was so heartbroken about? Let’s admit it – we love the nostalgia of Christmas. What says Christmas more than the scent of orange peels, cloves, fir needles, and cinnamon? Ok, maybe eggnog, but we’ll get to that later.

Candied Pomegranate Scentsy Bar

What’s both tangy and sweet and comes in a basket of Christmas produce? Our favorite winter fruit – the pomegranate. The Candied Pomegranate Scentsy blends the smells of candied apple and pomegranate with a hint of cinnamon. 

Christmas Cottage Scentsy Bar

Do you dream of Christmas in a cozy cottage? Let the aroma of oranges, raspberries, and spices fill your home as you dream of a small, holiday lodge. The Christmas Cottage Scentsy won’t disappoint.

Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Bar

Fill your home with the smell of Red Hot candy cinnamon with a touch of cloves. Don’t let the season pass without trying the Cinnamon Bear Scentsy.

Cozy Fireside Scentsy Bar

Imagine yourself wrapped up next to the fire with the scent of zesty ginger and warm spices. The Cozy Fireside Scentsy pairs well even if you’re sitting next to a heat register.

Cranberry Garland Scentsy Bar

Cranberry is in hot competition with pomegranate for being the signature winter fruit. The Cranberry Garland Scentsy has the perfect blend of sweet-tart cranberry with hints of sage and pine cones.

Eggnog Scentsy Bar

Would it be December without eggnog? The Eggnog Scentsy Bar has the perfect blend of nutmeg, rum, and cream to dazzle your senses.

St. Nickerdoodle Scentsy Bar

Love freshly baked snickerdoodles? The St. Nickerdoodle Bar gives a twist on the traditional snickerdoodle with its blend of baked apples, spices, and powdered sugar.

Iced Pine Scentsy Bar

The Iced Pine Scentsy captures the smell of fir trees and pine. With just a hint of peppermint, it evokes memories of quiet walks through freshly fallen snow.

Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar

The intense rush of Peppermint is softened by warm vanilla to create the perfect blend for this Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar.

Poinsettia Pine Scentsy Bar

This scentsy bar blends the zesty aroma of pomegranate and tangerine with the earthy tones of evergreen and amber. The resulting Poinsettia Pine Scentsy Bar is a must for your holiday bouquet of aromas.

Can’t Decide? Buy a Bundle of the Best Holiday Scents.

Can’t decide between eggnog and pomegranate? Buy the bundle and get all of your favorite holiday smells to diffuse one at a time.

The Best Scentsy Bars For Celebrating Thanksgiving

Don’t let Thanksgiving be forgotten between Halloween and Christmas! Let Scentsy Bars help you celebrate by filling your home with autumn fragrance.

Your sense of smell is closely tied to memory. Over the years, as you use seasonal fragrances you and your family will start associating those with memories of holidays. It’s a simple way to build traditions and memories.

Scentsy Bars: The Scent of Candles without the Smoke

Scentsy Warmers are ideal for the home because they evaporate into the air without leaving harsh chemicals, soot, or smoke. They have the same wax as candles but they’re designed to melt at lower temperatures so you don’t have to worry about burns. Scentsy Bars are the refills for your warmers and they come in over 80 scents.

For the Apple Lover

In autumn, there is only one frosting and that’s apple butter mixed with a creamy base. Fill your home with the smell of the Apple Butter Frosting bar and daydream about baked apples with vanilla butter cream.

Of course, you’ll find time to bake an apple pie at some point during the season. On days when you’re not baking, enjoy the aroma of the Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bars. It may give you the encouragement you need to get in the kitchen and start baking.

The Autumn Series – Something for Everyone

Part of the autumn scent series, the Autumn Blaze Maple combines apple and baked  pumpkin with the rich sweetness of maple.

If you prefer the tangier autumn scents, choose the Autumn Sunrise Scentsy bar. You’ll get wafts of pomegranate, raspberry, and nutmeg instead of pumpkin and maple.

For the nature lover, the Autumn Sunset Scentsy Bar offers the smell of crisp apples, baked pumpkin, and autumn leaves.

It’s not Autumn without Cider

Fresh cider offers the sweetness of autumn fruit while maintaining its earthiness. The Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar includes notes of apples, cinnamon, and vanilla. Hints of white cedar give the earthy, natural smell of a walk in the woods. 

If ginger is an important part of your autumn bouquet of scents, you’ll love the Honey Pear Cider bar. This combines traditional pear cider with distinct notes of ginger and clove.

We can’t Stop Thinking about Pumpkins

If ever a squash could represent a holiday, the pumpkin has become the symbol of Thanksgiving. Our Farmstand Pumpkin Scentsy  fills your home with the smell of harvest pumpkins. Partner it with a Harvest Pumpkin Scentsy Warmer and celebrate the season with pride.

What are your favorite autumn scents? Check out our inventory of over 80 scents and you’re likely to find your favorite scent to celebrate the season.

“Fall” in love with Scentsy

When I am sitting and smelling the Scentsy testers, I come upon a few of the Scentsy fall scents that immediately bring fall quickly to mind. The Scentsy fragrance Cedar Cider is one of these scents. There is just something about Cedar Cider – it’s a fall medley that you are sure to fall in love with. What is more fall then crisp apples, cinnamon and the smell of cedar? It makes me want to grab my favorite heavy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and go sit out in my back yard just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet that only the “middle of nowhere” can give. The only sounds you hear are the owls and the distant pheasants calling out. Have I told you lately how much I love living where we do? 🙂

Another scent that floods back the memories is Clove and Cinnamon! This Scentsy fragrance is one that always reminds me of our family gatherings. Every holiday my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents would come to our house. If you don’t know, my dad had 6 siblings and my mom had 7 so that made for a full house! And it was THE BEST! Of course both sides of the family weren’t usually together all at once. But, back to my memory… 🙂 My dad’s youngest sister would make homemade spiced tea every time we had a family gathering. I can remember the cinnamon sticks and whole cloves boiling and the amazing fragrance it would leave! And this is exactly the fragrance I smell every time I smell Scentsy Clove and Cinnamon. It takes me back to the days of childhood where you have no worries or cares in the world.

Get your fall scents online at and FALL in love with Scentsy!

Scentsy and Farming

What does Scentsy and farming have in common? You probably aren’t sure I know what I am talking about! Well, please bare with me!

The cool brisk breeze of the mornings are a reminder that fall is upon us! And, as a farmer’s wife, the hum of the tractor and the presence of drills and drill fill augers is a sure sign of fall and wheat planting.

As I sit here at the field waiting to help my husband fill the drills with wheat, I am taken back to my childhood as a farmer’s daughter (you know what? it was SO MUCH easier being a farmer’s daughter than it is a farmer’s wife!). The clank and squeaking of the drill wheels as they packed the wheat into the ground was, for whatever reason, calming and relaxing. It meant that another busy time of the year was coming to an end and the hope of a promising year was coming. The cool brisk air was refreshing and clean, the smell of freshly worked fields are amazing (for some reason dirt does smell good at times!), the seeds that were planted were the potential of a crop, and the hard work of the farmer was rewarded with this promise of a crop. My dad has worked hard all his life doing what he loves – working the fields, planting, maintaining and having the faith that the Lord would provide the crops that would in turn provide what he and my mom needed to raise us 7 children.

What does this have to do with Scentsy? I’m glad you asked? 🙂

When you are your own boss, and own your own business, you know that you must work your business in order to make it grow! And as a Scentsy consultant, you  must “work the ground”, “plant the seeds” and have “hope for a harvest”. You see, I LOVE Scentsy and what it means to me. But, if I never shared the Scentsy opportunity, or Scentsy products and just kept it all to myself, there would be no “harvest” my business would die. Keep in mind that just like farming, there are going to be seeds you plant that you aren’t going to see mature – but there WILL BE seeds that do! Having the hope of a growing business is what we must focus on. As with all businesses (and farming) there isn’t a “quick get rich” type of deal. We must continue to work hard, plant the seeds and have faith that we will see results!

I am so blessed to have found Scentsy (or maybe Scentsy found me!) just over 7 years ago. I have the hope that the seeds that I have planted will grow into a bountiful crop of home based business owners that are empowered to be the best they can be!

I would love the opportunity to help you have the “farmer’s life” with Scentsy –


Scentsy Bar Cedar Cider

Do you love the scent of cedar? Then you will love the Scentsy fragrance Cedar Cider!

I love the Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar with the mixture of the cedar wood smell and apple cider To me it is a perfect fall day scent!

As a child I can remember sitting down on front of my mother’s hope chest looking through the treasures she had stored in there – little hand prints of her children, her wedding guestbook, crafts, and special crocheted items from my great grandmas and great aunts. I can still remember the scent of cedar filling the air as Mom shared stories of all the treasures.

Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar is a must try for the fall and winter. It is one of my new favorites!

CLICK HERE to see all Scentsy Products that are available in the Cedar Cider Fragrance!





Scentsy Rock-A-Thon

imageGood morning blog friends!

This morning I am sitting in a rocking chair at the Scentsy Commons in Meridian, ID. Why you ask? Well, its the Scentsy Rock-A-Thon for March of Dimes. All day from 6 am to 5 pm rocking chairs are lining Eagle Road. For 30 minutes I will be rocking. 🙂 The only thing missing? A little one to rock. 🙂 As an aunt to 41 (yes, I said 41) and great aunt to 7, I LOVE holding and rocking little ones. I have always told my husband if ever we lived close enough to a NICU, I would volunteer to hold and rock the babies.

Children are a blessing. I was blessed with three wonderful, active, beautiful children. They somehow, however, have grown into wonderful, beautiful, independent adults! How did that ever happen? How can my kids be almost 24, 22 and 20? My youngest PROMISED when she was 2 that she would always be little and never leave me. Well, I guess I should have gotten that in writing.

As I sit here and rock and think about life and kids, I also think about what Scentsy has for kids. Scentsy warmers and Scentsy fragrances, Scentsy buddies and Scrubby buddies to name a few. One of my favorite Scentsy bars that is available is Newborn Nursery – oh the smell of a clean lotioned baby. The reality of life is that not all babies are born healthy and ready to go home and moms need help before, during and after. March of Dimes has filled a gap to help. What a wonderful orgainization.

Well, my time in rocking chair #32 is about done. The sun is up and warm in my face and I’m being “tagged out”. Here’s to another wonderful beautiful day.

imageMy friend Shyrel holding a sign & rocking next to me.


What is Scentsy?

After Joining Scentsy 7 years ago, I was asked, “What is Scentsy?” quite oten and I would share all about Scentsy. After a while, I didn’t have to share everything about Scentsy but, last night I was asked again, “What is Scentsy?” This question made me realize that not everyone knows exactly what is Scentsy is and even if they do know, they may not know ALL that Scentsy is.

You see, Scentsy is so much more than just warmers and bars. It is more than just diffusers and oils. And even more than just women, men, kid and laundry products.

In 2004 Scentsy became a DSA company. This dream of two moms wanting to do more for their families was becoming a reality. These two moms sold their home-built business to the Thompson’s. The Thompson’s have taken this dream and made it into so much more than anyone could have imagined.

Scentsy started with Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars. Scentsy is simply a safer alternative to candles. The beautiful warmers were designed to warm and melt the wax cubes. The unique Scentwsy Bars are NOT burned – they are warmed at a low temperature so the wax doesn’t burn, it melts and releases the scent – no flame, no soot, no smoke. The Scentsy Bar provides long-lasing fragrance.

But wait, there’s more!

Take your Scentsy Fragrace with you wherever you go! With Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Room Sprays, Scent Paks and Car Bars, you can have your favorite Scentsy Fragrance with you. Place a Scent Pak in your closet, drawer or even (yes, I do this) in your trash cans! The newest “on the go” Scentsy product is the Car Bar. With up to 30 days of scent, the Car Bar is great for your car. I have Coconut Cotton in my car now and love how great it smells everytime I get in. The Car Bar comes with an elastic band with the scent clearly marked so you will have no problems re-ordering yours.

Scentsy for the Laundry! Liquid Laundry soap, Washer Whiffs, Clothing Conditioner and Dryer Disks. Look no farther for your Laundry needs! The Liquid Laundry has an easy to use pump; the Washer Whiffs boost the Scentsy fragrance; the Clothing Conditioner is safe to use even on your dry-wicking clothing; and the Dryer Disk is a great way to lock in the fragrance in the dryer. I have to say my favorite of all these Scentsy Laundry Products is the Washer Whiffs. What is better than crawling into bed at night then your sheets and bedding smell as though you had just pulled them from the dryer? My family love the Scentsy Clean and Luna Laundry products. Every load is sure to have a scoop full of Washer Whiffs everytime – if it’s missed, dad knows!

The Scentsy Product line for men and women is designed for a personalized experience. These Scentsy products are unique and have their own line of Scentsy Fragrance. The men’s line (also known as Groom) has Shampoo, Shaving and Shower Bar, Cream Shave Soap, and Refreshing Face Balm. Everything to help men with that daily routine. These products work together to cleanse, soothe and soften a man’s skin. The women’s line (also known as Skin) includes Fine Fragrance Roller, Velvet Hand Cream and Whipped Body Souffle. These Scentsy Products work with your body chemistry to give you your own signature fragrance.

Scentsy for Kids is fun and exciting. From Scentsy Buddies to Scrubby Buddies, and Scentsy Clips to Scentsy Warmers and Fragrances created with kids in mind, these Scentsy products are sure to bring fun and laughter into your home.

We’ve come a long way and Scentsy hasn’t stopped yet! I’m excited to see where Scentsy will be in 10, 15, even 25 years from now! A business that started in a shipping container has grown into a World Leading Fragrance Company.


As you can see, there is so much more than just Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars available to you through Scentsy. Have Scentsy in your home already or are you new to Scentsy? I will be happy to help you with all your Scentsy Product needs!

Scentsy Reimagined

You will see a reimagined Scentsy coming September 1, 2015.

What does this mean? It means you will see a crisper, clean-cut branding – including Scentsy logos and Scentsy product packaging along with inventive NEW Scentsy products!

Have you ever purchased a Scentsy Scent Circle and LOVED IT? But you had thrown away the original packaging and therefore had no clue what scent it was? And how do you ask your Scentsy consultant? All you can really say is it is a purple circle! And they were all purple! 🙂 Now you will be able to see the Scentsy fragrance name directly on your Scent Circle! No more guessing! The Scentsy Scent Circle is available in over 80 different Scentsy fragrances!

Are you looking for something more sleek for your car? You will love the NEW Scentsy Car Bar! The Car Bar is designed to deliver scent for up to 30 days and comes with an elastic ribbon for easy hanging. And guess what? You won’t have to guess the Scentsy fragrance for these either – the name will be on the ribbon! The Car Bar will be available in 15 fragrances – black raspberry vanilla, blueberry cheesecake, blueberry rush, bonfire beach, clean breeze, coconut cotton, coconut lemongrass, french lavender, luna, shaka, sugared cherry, sunkissed citrus, vanilla bean buttercream, weathered leather and welcome home.

Your other Scentsy products that you have come to know and love will also have a new look! Our categories of Scentsy product packaging will be clearly marked with icons that will help with ease to distinguish between product categories.



  • Skin line (womens skin fragrance) – including Fine Fragrance Roller, Velvet Hand Cream and Whipped Body Souffle will be marked with a hummingbird icon.
  • Laundry line – including our Clothing Conditioner, Laundry Liquid, Dryer Disks and Washer Wiffs will be marked with a clothes line icon.
  • Groom line (mens skincare and shave products) – including the Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar, Cream Shave Soap and Refreshing Face Balm will be marked with a fedora hat icon.
  • Clean line – including our Hand Soap, Kitchen Soap and Counter Clean will be marked with a field of flowers icon.
  • Kids line – including our Scentsy Buddies, Buddy Clips, Bath Smoothie, Scrubby Buddy, Kids Warmers and Kids Fragrances will be marked with a bicycle icon.
  • Home line – including our Scentsy Diffusers, all Scentsy Warmers – including Scentsy Baseball Cap Warmers and Scentsy Campus Collection Warmers and Nightlights will be marked with a tree icon.
  • Scent line – including our Scentsy Car Bar, Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, Scent Pak, Travel Tin and Natural & Essential Oils, will be marked with a butterfly icon.

Simplicity is key for the Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog season!


Start making your Christmas list and then get shopping at!

Traveling Scentsy Style – Part 7

We are catching up on my Scentsy travels fast! The story won’t end when I get to my final trip blog as I am continually striving to grow my Scentsy business and continue to earn the trips! To me, the Scentsy trips are more than just free trips – they are a way for me to see my Scentsy family! And it truly feels like a Scentsy family reunion every time I go on anything Scentsy – not just trips!

2012 would mark my 4th year with Scentsy. I wanted to celebrate early (as Scentsy incentive trips are typically in June) by earning the 2012 Scentsy Incentive Trip – Punta Cana “Rockin’ the Republic”.


Again, this trip was amazing! Scentsy never ceases to amaze me. No matter the destination, Scentsy spoils and pampers us! I was blessed to have earned for 2 again and so in June 2012, my husband and I headed to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the Dominican Republic. What a memorable time – from the small little turtles that sunned themselves just outside our room each day, the sweet waitresses at our favorite breakfast place, the crepes and ice cream parlor (it was the happening place at night!), to the colorful and beautiful Indian wedding that was held on the beach (the colors of this wedding were magnificent)! It truly was one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. These memories will be forever etched into my mind.



As they had done in the past, Scentsy did room drops so if I hadn’t wanted to, I wouldn’t have had to spend a dime on this trip! Of course, I did as I wanted to take souvenirs back to our kids. 🙂 But, my all time favorite souvenir from this trip was our final night’s room drop – a miniature guitar personally signed by Orville & Heidi Thompson, owners of Scentsy. What a keepsake!!


I am so thankful that I took the chance to Join Scentsy in July 2008. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would first, be still selling Scentsy but two, be able to travel for FREE by selling something I love! The $99 I spent for my Scentsy Starter Kit was the best birthday present I have ever given to myself. I look forward to many, many more years sharing Scentsy with others and helping others live their dream of having their own business and being their own boss!

Are you ready to Join Scentsy and my Scentsy team? Let’s travel to world together!!

If you have questions, contact me. If you are ready to Join Scentsy and be your own boss and become a Scentsy consultant, then go to and join today!! I look forward to having you on our TEAM!

Until next time…. 🙂


NEWEST Scentsy Buddy – Terra the Triceratops

Scentsy just announced our NEWEST Scentsy Buddy – Terra the Triceratops!

Be sure to get yours before she is gone as she is as supplies last! She is sure to go fast!

So adorable with her silver scales and yellow words. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle this Scentsy Buddy! And don’t forget, you get your choice of a Scent Pak with every purchase of a Scentsy Buddy!